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Transmedia Project on Emotional Health & Wellbeing – Chicago

Hello, readers. My friend Anuradha Rana and her colleague Doris Rusch are looking for documentary subjects and collaborators for a transmedia (game, audio, video) project on emotional health and wellbeing among young people.  She is a regular reader of the blog and asked me to share her project and call for volunteers with the community here. Here […]

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#511: When you find out that someone you care about is mean.

Dear Captain Awkward: How do I see the whole of a person? Hello! I was hoping you could help me with something. There is a guy at uni I am friends with, who has depression. Over the past semester at uni, we have grown very close, mostly on the basis of me becoming the person […]

Cohabitation Situations: Ambivalence Deliverance (#451) & Eviction Prescription (#452)

Before we jump into sad, serious things, Gollum dreamed a dream (of coming to your party?) Courtesy of my friend @spyscribe. You guys watch The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, right? Now, some letters about living situations gone bad (#451) and very, very bad (#452). Dearest Captain, I need some help with relationship ambivalence. It’s been 3 years […]

#450: How to tighten up your game at work when you’re depressed.

Hey, Captain and Co. I spent the past two years of my life being really depressed (and, honestly, who knows how long before that — I was only diagnosed last year, but I’ve felt pretty awful for as long as I can remember), and, through some supportive parents and medication and an awesome partner and […]

#437: Out of the frying pan, into the adjacent teakettle of badness.

Oh Captain, my Captain! I need some help. Last year, I was in an abusive relationship. My ex raped me repeatedly and often manipulated me. When we were together, I became close friends with another guy. Guy #2 eventually owned up to having feelings for me, and I found myself in a very awkward position. […]

#429 & #430: When depression is contagious.

Dear Captain Awkward: I need some advice on being a decent human being. My wife and I have been together for 8 years, married for 5. She has severe depression and anxiety. She’s been in therapy since before I met her, but her illnesses still hit her pretty hard. I do as much as I […]

#418: My mom wants me to prioritize caring for my sister over caring for myself. What do I do?

Hey Capt.,  Cliff notes. My sister got pregnant three years in a row, giving birth to three healthy babies by c-section. With baby 1 she was put into bed rest almost immediately and I was assigned to make sure she didn’t jeopardize her or the baby’s health. This was a difficult task only made worse […]

#414: What are the green flags for a good therapist?

Hello Captain Awkward and Awkward Army, I have been in and out of therapy off and on for the last decade or so. I don’t want to give my entire life history, but I will summarize by saying that I have clinical depression, and have anxiety that hasn’t been formally diagnosed yet but which has […]

#353 & #354: Bathrooms, Butts, and Boundaries

Thanks to everyone who came to yesterday’s gelato-eating and gab session. The best part was sitting at the table and being able to identify who was there for the meetup by their 1) excellent fashion choices 2) friendly demeanor and 3) carrying-of-books. I’m sure we’ll do other Chicago-based events, though as a reminder, you don’t […]

#341: Help me get a girlfriend, Captain!

Greetings captain!  No matter what I do or say, I can’t get a girlfriend. I’m 18 years old, and I have never hugged, kissed, or been liked by a girl. I have never been on a date, or had any real chance of getting a girlfriend. I’m mildly autistic, I have ADHD, and am EXTREMELY socially […]


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