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#463: Help me stop being mean.

Dear Captain Awkward: I am trying to not make this question sound like a pity party, but will probably slip up somewhere. Apologies in advance and gratefulness for making this the space you do. I feel like I am just plain mean a lot of the time.  It’s confusing because I try to be really […]

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#446: The Territorial Friend and The Pollyanna Defense

Dear Captain Awkward, Three years ago I picked a new flatmate from a bunch of randoms-off-the-internet and this person turned into one of my besties. Even better, she had a bunch of wicked-cool friends who are now my friends as well, and I’ve brought my own pals into the mix as well.  One of these […]

#360: My coworker called me a virgin, why did that hurt my feelings so much?

Dear Captain Awkward, I live and work at an isolated location with six other people. We are nearing the end of our work rotation and everyone is wearing a little thin emotionally so that might be partially where this problem stems from. I have a really good relationship with the woman that I spend the […]

Reader Question #20: Captain Awkward’s Emporium of Cutting Remarks

Dear Captain Awkward, Are there times when the FU should not be silent when telling people the STFU? If so, do you have a combat guide for mild-mannered ladies who wear pearls and read a lot of Jane Austen? Wanting to Get out the Sticks and Stones Oh, my ladylike friend, one day you will […]


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