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#542: The Butt Dial of Jealousy and Specious Accusations

We haven’t had a gif party or a “Yo, maybe you are way cooler than that person you are dating” thread in a while, so, here you go. Dear Captain Awkward: My partner of 5 years moved 200 miles away last week for a job. I’m sad he’s gone and I’m missing him, but I […]

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#466: Possessive friend is weirding me out/A constructive conflict review.

Dear Captain Awkward, My friend N alternately acts like she feels threatened by me and like she wants to be me. It’s really creepy but I don’t know how to address it without sounding jealous and paranoid. I met her three years ago. We became close quickly, and she had a crush on me, which […]

#455: Jealousy & Crushes in High School

Hello, everyone! I ducked out to South Carolina for a few days to see family. Regular computer access is now restored. Two links today: Scarleteen, the fantastic sex-ed resource, desperately needs donations to sustain their work. If you have a few $, please consider a donation there. Some nice people nominated this site for the […]

#381: How do I tell my sad friend I’m getting engaged?

Dear Captain Awkward, So, this friend is someone I’ve known for nearly a decade. We went to college together, we were roommates during and after college together, we’ve collaborated on work together, we hang out weekly, we have certain holidays we spend with each other . . . that sort of thing. We’ve had our […]

Question #165: How do I deal with my coworker and his toxic, jealous wife?

Dear Captain, As a single woman working in a male dominated field, I do run into some weird situations. But I’ve never been confronted by a jealous wife before. A year ago I relocated to a city about an hour’s drive from home so that I could be closer to my new job. A few […]

Reader question #108: Jealousy and Law School

Dear Captain Awkward, My boyfriend and I have both just started law school in different cities, and I’m having trouble adjusting to the change in our financial situations.  For the last couple years we have been living together, making roughly the same (small) amount of money.  I’m going to a good school and have gotten […]

Reader question #83: Do we have to do everything with my boyfriend’s friend?

Dear Captain Awkward – I have been dating a lovely fellow with whom I have an excellent rapport and we both agree we see long term potential in each other. We’re quite happy. The awkward thing relates to one of his best friends, a female. I am all about opposite-sex friendships and have many myself […]


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