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What is an introvert? #456 & #457: Communication Expectations

Hello Captain Awkward team! Since I started college, my mother has been driving me crazy regarding calls home. Specifically, the frequency of my calls home. I am introverted and don’t express attachment and affection openly. In the beginning of college, if I didn’t call every single day to reassure her I was not dead in […]

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Captain Awkward’s Home for Wayward Really Insecure Dudes

So. That happened. If you feel overwhelmed about diving in, Rachel Scotland made a tl;dr version here. But I hope people will dive in. The commenters gave, collectively, some of the greatest advice about dating, liking and being nice to yourself, meeting people, and pulling yourself out of bad patterns of thinking ever assembled on […]

Reader question #79: I want to eat lunch by myself.

I’m going to try to get through this week with no questions about inappropriate touching.  Ready, set, go. Dear Captain Awkward, All in all, it’s pretty simple: I really prefer to eat by myself at lunch. I love to read and write while I eat and not have to worry about making conversation. A little bit […]


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