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Question #129: “I am the Mayor of the Friend Zone.”

COMMENTS ON THIS POST ARE NOW CLOSED. There’s no way to turn off comments to individual posts, so we’re on the honor system here as of Friday, 3:45 pm CDT. ### Hello, Awkward Nation. I get many versions of the question “How do I get better at meeting & dating women/men?” in the Captain Awkward […]

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Reader Question #47: Please solve all my relationship issues at once

Dear Captain Awkward, Like many single guys, I have a number of women I am interested in. And each relationship is fraught with its own issues leading to none of them moving forward. Perhaps you’d like to help me solve all of them? If you can’t do that, at least help me figure out who […]

Reader Question #23: Libido, come home!

Dear Captain Awkward, My libido has largely picked up and walked off somewhere else. I’m waiting for it to come back from a trip to the corner store to buy cigarettes, but so far it hasn’t showed up. It started in my late twenties after a series of flopping relationships and three years later I’ve […]


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