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It Came From the Search Terms

Now and then it’s interesting to see the search terms that bring people here, and, since they are in the form of a question, give some short answers. I’ve added punctuation but otherwise left the texts unaltered. “Pushing someone to accept something they aren’t ready to.” Is doomed. You can maybe get someone to say […]

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#463: Help me stop being mean.

Dear Captain Awkward: I am trying to not make this question sound like a pity party, but will probably slip up somewhere. Apologies in advance and gratefulness for making this the space you do. I feel like I am just plain mean a lot of the time.  It’s confusing because I try to be really […]

#420: Did that date go well? I can’t tell.

Dear Captain Awkward: So I went on a second date with a guy and am unsure of next steps. Context: both dates were Sunday walks where we were bundled up like marshmallows. End of first date – he’s very specific with his plans for following up. End of second date – a hug and ‘we […]


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