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#455: Jealousy & Crushes in High School

Hello, everyone! I ducked out to South Carolina for a few days to see family. Regular computer access is now restored. Two links today: Scarleteen, the fantastic sex-ed resource, desperately needs donations to sustain their work. If you have a few $, please consider a donation there. Some nice people nominated this site for the […]

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Question #145: I can make a really good case that my friend should invite me to her party.

Dear Captain Awkward, Next Saturday someone I consider to be one of my closer friends is having her birthday party.  I have not been invited.  I can’t help but feel a little bit stung about that.  We have a little bit of ‘history’, I suppose, insofar as I have always liked her quite a bit, and […]

Question #128: “I’m not being mean, I’m being safe!” or, A primer on shutting down awkward conversations with busybodies.

Dear Captain Awkward, I’m a high school student, and I had a friend who turned into a stalker. My family, and the school counselor have really helped me through a lot of it. However, I need some help explaining to my friends at school, and the friends of the stalker, of how I absolutely will […]

Reader question #78: Honor students can also be inappropriate assholes.

Darling Captain Awkward, Most of your writers are adults. They deal with adult men. I, a female in high school, come to you with a even worse malignancy… teenage boys. Oh, but you say: teenage boys? They’re perfectly harmless except for the stray sexual innuendo or the occasional Death Ray Pimple. But I’m also a scientist […]


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