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It Came From The Search Terms: SMARCH

The monthly(ish) roundup of the questions people type into search engines to find this blog. 1. “My partner thinks I have genital warts but I have herpes what do I do?” Both of you should get a full STI screen, if you haven’t already, and talk about whatever you find there. (‘Cause maybe it’s both). […]

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#538: Forgiving a Friend’s Darth Vader

Dear Captain, How obligated are we to try and forgive our friend’s significant others for the harm they have caused in the past? To make a long story short, my friend A started dating person B.  I wasn’t wild about B, but I wasn’t the one dating him, and our casual interactions initially seemed fine, […]

#518: I broke up with my mean friend, so why do I still miss her?

Dear Captain Awkward, A few years ago, I broke up with a friend who’d been casually shitty to me for the majority of our friendship. Shauna is smart, witty, and gets my sense of humor. We met and become close friends in high school. Junior year, she ditched me for an ever-changing rotation of BFFs, […]

Meetups Galore + #515: Easygoing vs. Picky: How to fight with your friends.

Hello! First, a reminder from Kate in Bristol: Hi all – just a quick reminder that Bristol UK is meeting up at The Canteen on Stokes Croft this Saturday, from 11am to 3pm.  I will be wearing a rainbow tie.  For further info please see the original announcement:http://captainawkward.com/2013/09/30/bristol-uk-is-meeting-up/ Hope to see you there! Griffy Kate […]

#513: “Frenemy” is a ridiculous made-up word that is occasionally accurate, or, The Case of the Passive-Aggressive Co-worker

Hello everyone! How are you? I am completely destroying my cat’s sense of safety and object permanence packing up my entire apartment for a move this week. All the comments in the spam filter are actually spam, so it must be time for another question. Shall we continue the Labor Day holiday with a work […]

#508 & #509: Friendship, Attachment Styles & Boundaries

This is the last day of the Summer Pledge Drive, where I post the links for making a (non-tax deductible) gift  through PayPal or  via Dwolla.  Your generosity so far has been amazing and I am so humbled and pleased with the outpouring of support. A new computer will be within reach when this one goes. I […]

Chosen Family Open Thread

Yesterday I celebrated WifeDay, a roving holiday where my friend T. and I go to lunch and otherwise love on each other. (Commander Logic and I also have this holiday, we just refer to it in text messages as “Doug’s?” “Doug’s!” until such time as I can create a powerful sausage-shaped beacon to flash in […]

#492: I am so not into the whole dating thing. How do I talk about that with people who are?

Dear Captain and co. This is a not-quite problem that’s separated into two parts. I’m not interested in sex or dating/relationships. I’m not comfortable at the moment categorising myself as asexual/aromantic, although maybe at some point in the future if I find it’s convenient. Essentially I’m happy with the ‘’it happens if it happens’’ mentality, […]

#491: A dream job is taking me back to the city I left 10 years ago to escape my abusive family. How can I keep myself safe?

Oh Captain, my Captain I broke contact with my family and moved across country from them ten years ago. It was a decision made by several years of mixed bag abuse. My dad is a creepy stalker who still haven’t given up and the police have been involved more than once. I have no hope […]

#490: Should I tell my friend her boyfriend is cheating on her? She has a history of shooting the messenger.

Hi Captain, I have a friend, we’ll call her Jane. Several years ago, when I caught her first boyfriend making out with another girl at a party, I told her about it (I figured if my house was on fire, I’d want to know, right?). She claimed I was just trying to break them up […]


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