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#449: I hate my job, I’m broke, my commute sucks, and I maybe want to be a writer.

Hi Captain! My main question is: how do I keep going? I have 99 problems, I need to fix at least 95 of them but right now I can’t even seem to fix 1 so I am stuck. I’ve been actively job-hunting for over a year now. I know others have it worse, either through […]

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#433: What if my past as a sex worker hurts my current employment chances?

Hello CA, I am finishing up a PhD in the social sciences, and will be on the academic job market soon. I really want to teach more than anything, either at the university or high school level.  I need advice with regards to something in my past which may or may not come up as […]

#410: How do I tell old professional contacts about my recent name change now that I need a reference?

Dear Captain Awkward: Last year, I got divorced. At the time of my divorce, I was offered the legal choice to go back to my maiden name, or to keep my married name. I decided to choose a whole new last name, which was something I had always wanted to do. My new last name […]


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