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London Meetup + #462: When is it time to cut off communication with abusive family?

Reminder, monthly London meetup is tomorrow. Sorry for not posting this sooner, guys! It’s been the week of 1000 meetings. Dear Awkward Army, London meetup this weekend, 23rd March!  All welcome. 11:00 am onwards, Leon restaurant, 36/38 Old Compton Street, London, W1D 4TT. The venue so far has worked out well, so I’m sticking with that.  […]

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#461: My partner makes hurtful jokes about my health situation.

Dear Captain Awkward: I have had a very complex life in the last couple of years. I have gone from having a fairly normal life in regards to health and then I went on dialysis. Since that point I now have a kidney transplant. My girlfriend currently has a really hard time wrapping her mind […]

#440: “It’s time to get out of my abusive home, but I am afraid to accept help.”

Ahoy thar. Cliff notes time! Over the past four years, I: – dropped out of high school for Multiple Reasons – got a fantastic very-part-time clerical job which, although I don’t **LOVE** it 24/7, has great co-workers and doesn’t take up too much brainpower (which is good because I have a history of overloading myself […]

#339: My mom gives me the silent treatment.

Hi Captain: I was raised by a mom who used the silent treatment. Whenever she was really mad about something- maybe once a month- she’d just shut down for several days at a time and not talk to anyone except to sneer at them. This only applied to people in my immediate family- my dad […]

#329: My partner won’t set boundaries with his horrible family.

Dear Captain Awkward, I’m in a wonderful, 5-1/2 year relationship with a great guy. It’s not all sunshine and roses (what relationship is?) but we’ve built a solid, great thing based on mutual respect, and I’m 100% sure he’s the one I want to spend the rest of my life with/meld my DNA with in […]

Question #169: My dad hit me.

I really, really need commenters who have experience with domestic violence/abuse counseling to weigh in here, thanks. This Letter Writer needs help from someone who doesn’t have to Google “domestic violence resources” to answer the question. Captain Awkward, Hi! I’m a 19 year old college student and I live with my parents. It’s not an […]

Question #167: My mom disowned me on Christmas day.

I played hooky with Commander Logic yesterday, so no posts, sorry! If you’ve been wondering “Is Hot Doug’s still delicious? Is the movie adaptation of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy  a) enjoyable b) a clinic in the importance of lens choice and detail in production design c) a fucking masterpiece of acting in Gary Oldman’s performance? […]


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