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Guest Post #499: Muddling Productively In Search of Romance

Dear Captain Awkward, I have a pretty simple question. How do I nurture my own sense of romance? A bit of background: I’m a twenty one year old queer girl. I was born in Mississippi, though I spent my teenage years in the north east. I’ve never dated a girl because of my own issues […]

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Saturday Links

Like Swimming After Eating A Burrito: Dating Advice From The Wrong Side from In Our Words. There’s a lot of great, insightful stuff in here, but this is my favorite part of the piece: “Are they a jerk to other people? They’re probably also a jerk to you. I used to be one of those people […]

#203: Scripts for saying “It was nice to meet you! But not THAT nice.”

Dear Captain Awkward, I am making forays into online dating, and it is Awkward. Mostly it is Awkward because I am one of those people who can tell within the first few minutes whether or not someone does or could ever give me a ladyboner (The “NOOOOO NOT EVER RUN AWAY!” instinct has never been […]

Question #144: I am tempted to get a makeover so I can ask out my crush.

Captain my Captain, I’m twenty years old, I’m in my third year of college and for the first time I have a fat – no – a phat crush on someone. I’m not new to dating or youknowwhat (well, not extremely new anyways..) but I’ve never felt so hopelessly into someone before. I guess you […]

Question #129: “I am the Mayor of the Friend Zone.”

COMMENTS ON THIS POST ARE NOW CLOSED. There’s no way to turn off comments to individual posts, so we’re on the honor system here as of Friday, 3:45 pm CDT. ### Hello, Awkward Nation. I get many versions of the question “How do I get better at meeting & dating women/men?” in the Captain Awkward […]

Reader question #54: Dating while feminist.

Hey there Captain Awkward!  I found your blog a couple months ago and have been reading it religiously ever since!  Thanks for all the great advice! I’m a fellow feminist blogger, writing on my blog mendaredo.com, and I have a question for you on dating that I was pondering a bit on my blog.  I’m a self-identified […]

Reader Question #28: New relationship angst!

Dear Captain, I am in what seems to be the early stages of a relationship – four dates in – and I need some advice in how to proceed. The woman I am dating is a very lovely person (I am, by the way, a queer woman), we have a lot in common, and I […]

The art of “no.”

Over at SexyTypewriter, there is a discussion about the best way to tell someone that you don’t want a second date.  “See you soon” is probably not that way. “I could stop thinking about you” has the advantage of being honest, and the writer describes that awkward end-of-date feeling of “oh god…so many expectations and […]


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