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#453: Guest Post: How Do I Come Out to My Mom?

I’ll be quick- After getting my teaching degree abroad, I’ve moved back home with my folks because I have no money, and there are no teaching jobs (or really ANY jobs) in my area at the moment. I’m also transgender. I came out to my dad about a year ago while we were travelling together, […]

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Guest Post! “If I come out to my family, will they stop making offensive jokes already?”

Question:  How is coming out to your family like admitting that you’ve never seen The Evil Dead in a room full of nerds/filmmakers/filmmaking nerds? Answer:  Those two things are in no way similar. Which is why I called in reinforcements for this question. Please welcome Julie and Jessica, the filmmaking duo known as King is […]

Question #38: Guest Post! How do I tell my conservative dad that my fiance is about to become my fiancee?

Dear Captain Awkward: I’m not in an awkward situation yet, but I probably will be soon, and I want to be prepared for the awkward. My current fiance is probably going to be starting to transition into being my fiancee pretty soon. This is not a problem for me. However, I think it will be […]


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