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#460: Boundaries are good, even if other people don’t enjoy it when you set them.

This is a very smart post on moving on and setting boundaries with an ex from Jenn Vicious at In Our Words: “There’s this thing that sometimes happens when people break up but still care about each other: they want to continue working on things that were problems in their relationship. Don’t do that. My […]

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#401: I can’t tell whether my girlfriend wants to have sex with me. (Spoiler: She doesn’t!)

As of 12/7 comments on this discussion are closed.   Hello Captain! I need a script for talking to my girlfriend about what she wants in bed. She’s eighteen and I’m twenty and we’ve been together for four years. Neither of us really experimented with other people before we met each other, so we’ve done […]

Hiatus, Holiday Open Thread, & #389: Friendly Social Coercion is Still Coercion

Hello! I have a backlog of something like 300 unanswered questions in my inbox. I also have some travel, work deadlines, and life stuff that mean I will not be posting here or checking blog-related email until early November. I will try to clean out the spam filter every other day or so, but I’m […]

#238: If I tell my parents I am an atheist, they will disown me (or worse).

Dear Captain Awkward: I’ve been a closet atheist for almost five years, and it’s getting kind of stuffy in here. Here’s some background: I’m a Dawoodi Bohra Muslim, which is sort of like the Muslim equivalent of the Catholic Church, only smaller. We have organized clergy, a pope-like figure, etc, etc. My parents are devout. […]

Reader question #57: Friends, porn, and ethics.

Dear Captain Awkward: About a year ago I made a conscious decision to stop consuming porn. I stumbled across the basic argument that you can’t be certain whether or not the people being filmed have been coerced. This coupled with recently having  realized that I was/am a Nice Guy(tm) (and being mortified) was enough to […]


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