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It Came From the Search Terms

Now and then it’s interesting to see the search terms that bring people here, and, since they are in the form of a question, give some short answers. I’ve added punctuation but otherwise left the texts unaltered. “Pushing someone to accept something they aren’t ready to.” Is doomed. You can maybe get someone to say […]

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Guest Post #496: I No Longer Have Pantsfeelings for the Only Partner I’ve Had

[Content note: purity culture] Dear Captain Awkward, I am married. My husband is a very lovely, supportive man, very devoted and considerate, and a great father to our small child. We’ve been together nearly a decade, and married for most of that time. We are a good partnership. He was the first person I ever […]

#492: I am so not into the whole dating thing. How do I talk about that with people who are?

Dear Captain and co. This is a not-quite problem that’s separated into two parts. I’m not interested in sex or dating/relationships. I’m not comfortable at the moment categorising myself as asexual/aromantic, although maybe at some point in the future if I find it’s convenient. Essentially I’m happy with the ‘’it happens if it happens’’ mentality, […]

#468 and #469: “Hey, knock it off”, or, Constructive Conflict, Continued.

Jolly’s great comment to Monday’s post is going to be very relevant to these seemingly very different questions: “You also don’t necessarily have to bring some of these things up in one big confrontation about The Whole Pattern Of Her Sucking. You could just make a point of standing up for yourself when she does […]

#453: Guest Post: How Do I Come Out to My Mom?

I’ll be quick- After getting my teaching degree abroad, I’ve moved back home with my folks because I have no money, and there are no teaching jobs (or really ANY jobs) in my area at the moment. I’m also transgender. I came out to my dad about a year ago while we were travelling together, […]

#242: Can I Tell Guys I Don’t Want to Date Them Before They Ask Me to Date Them?

Dear Capt. Awkward, So, I’m a 25 year old lady. Like a lot of your readers (I think?) I’ve never really had a lot of dating success, and definitely have never had a boyfriend. This sometimes makes me feel a little sad, but I’ve never really gone out there in pursuit of a boyfriend, and […]

#233: Open Marriage With the Sea?

Dear Captain Awkward, A week ago, I met this person my age at a sailors’ swap-meet. He was selling a marine toilet, and I happened to need one. I bought it, and we talked a bit about our respective boats, then went our separate ways. But yesterday, a letter turned up. He must have pulled […]

#202: My job is making me miserable, but I don’t know how to quit.

Dear Captain I am a lawyer (not in the US). I’ve been practising for just over a year now, after completing my degree and practical training part-time whilst working for my current firm as a secretary and paralegal for the past six years. I have always harboured doubts about whether I was cut out to […]

Question #154: I have extreme anxiety about being touched and hugged. How do I survive an upcoming funeral?

Dear Captain Awkward, I have some pretty intense reactions to being physically touched. Basically, I can’t stand being physically touched by most people – and I especially don’t like being hugged. It makes me feel trapped and physically sick. I’ve learnt to deal with it on occasions where it would be awkward or rude not […]

Question #149: The Sad Cat Neighbor Feelings Situation

Hey Captain Awkward. I love your column. I think I found it through a link at Feministe (???)in the comments. Anyhoo, here is my problem that I will try to explain as simply as possible: I have had a couple of very rough years. My partner of 15+ years  had a horrible legal battle against his […]


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