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#562: My friend and collaborator has gone AWOL on our project. How do I get them to focus again without ruining our relationship?

Dear Captain Awkward & Associated Awesome Awkwardeers, My longtime internet friend and I have a serial writing project that we publish casually online for free; we’ve been writing on it practically since we met. We have a very small fanbase, but they are extremely dedicated and patient as we work to get the writing up. […]

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## 556: What’s the difference between “can’t” and “I’m scared, don’t wanna?”

Dear Captain Awkward, I’m a 25-year-old living at home with my parents; I received a BA in English/Creative Writing about two years ago, and I haven’t done much of anything since then. I’ve been struggling with depression and anxiety (especially social anxiety) for practically my whole life, and a couple months ago I was also […]

#544 My extroverted roommates come and “kidnap” me when I want to be alone.

Good news, everyone! The first issue of Story Club Magazine is out. Go read my story and others from Chicago writers & performers! I especially love this piece, from J.H. Palmer, about the tiny kindnesses from strangers that knit us back together when we’re coming apart. And if you like stories and Live Lit readings and […]

The Books You Always Find Yourself Recommending Open Thread (updated)

Good thread, everyone! Comments on this discussion are closed as of 9/14. ——————————– Sorting through and packing up my books for moving, and asked for book recommendations by a friend, I realized that there is a short list of titles & authors that I repeatedly find myself shoving into people’s hands (usually after being lucky […]

#510: Falling out of love with your creative work and losing momentum

Dear Captain and Crew, I have a lighter question for you. What do you do when you are nearing the completion of your creative project, and it just feels weak? In my case, I have been working on my first novel on and off for just over a year. I am in the privileged position […]

#449: I hate my job, I’m broke, my commute sucks, and I maybe want to be a writer.

Hi Captain! My main question is: how do I keep going? I have 99 problems, I need to fix at least 95 of them but right now I can’t even seem to fix 1 so I am stuck. I’ve been actively job-hunting for over a year now. I know others have it worse, either through […]

#321: Artistic Discouragement

Dear Captain of the Awkward Army, I have recently decided to do something about my lifelong dream to be a professional writer. I still have a non-creative-writing job that makes money (well, a paying internship, but close enough), but I am trying to spend more and more of my free time writing fiction, editing, and […]

See, Penelope Trunk is awesome at helping you write resumes.

Even though I sometimes have issues with Penelope Trunk, like when she basically tells young women to become Betty Draper except with an MBA, she often says amazing, true stuff.  I also love her willingness to be vulnerable and brutally honest about things like mental illness. I think the stories you tell about your life […]

The State Religion is Constant Self-Improvement

Bookslut writes about Judith Warner’s column on “yoga memoirs” like she took the words right out of my mouth. “It was with joy/frustration/hilarity that I read, then, Judith Warner’s piece in the New York Times about the rise of the yoga memoir. And how it ties into the death of feminist political action, because all […]

The power of vulnerability

I just watched this TED talk by Brene Brown (thanks to Between Those Things).  I’m a total geek for TED. The internet is amazing.  We live in amazing times.  I press a few buttons and books come to my house. I press a few more and I get to sit at the feet of […]


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