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the gift of fear

#520: Getting your stuff back from a Darth Vader ex

Dear Captain & Co., I’m in a wonderful relationship, but we’ve got a Darth Vader ex-girlfriend lurking on the sidelines. When we first started dating she behaved horribly: showing up on his lawn screaming suicide threats when she found out I was over, harassing him for months, hacking his email to get my phone number […]

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#519: When your work friend becomes your work Nice Guy

Dear Captain, There is a a guy at work I’ll call Barry. He and I have been friendly in the past, and then it got weird. He once gave me a MacBook, which was a gift way above and beyond the level of our friendship. We never saw each other socially after work – we […]

Adding to what Bookslut said….

I have some practical things to add to  today’s Bibliomancer column (which I love reading, but today = eeeeeeesh). Letter Writer, whatever you decide to do about investigating & interrogating the effect “Doug” holds on your past, there is some practical shit you can do to get the actual dude out of your actual life. You […]

#481: My parents acquired a friend for me (with a gross, moldy congealed side of stalking).

Dear Captain Awkward, My problem boils down to this: can I say no, or do I have to be polite?  I’m not a social person. I don’t have friends at the moment. The reasons for that are many –mostly boiling down to living at home again while I look for a job. At school, I had close friends I […]

#480: Post-breakup friend custody with a gross congealed moldy side of stalking

Hi Captain! I’m having a bit of a boundary issue. About six months ago, I ended a one-year relationship that had become deeply dysfunctional. My boyfriend at the time was very depressed, was using drugs, and was by turns distant and emotionally cruel. I still care about him a lot and I know that most […]

#434: Just me and my shadow, trying to network.

Hi Captain Awkward, A few months ago, I met a guy who works in my field through a professional networking event. Since then, I have noticed that he has such a brutal case of White Knight Syndrome that he will actually create Drama just to “save” the women who happen to be in his presence, […]

#426 & #427: E-blasts from the past.

Hey Captain Awkward, I am the LW of the “how do I break up with my mean ex who scares me?” Recently I have received harassing emails and blog comments from his new girlfriend telling me I am a liar and a bunch of other such things. Also telling me to stop “making up stories of my abuse.”  […]

#407: Was I “leading this guy on” when I asked him if we could be friends and then he suddenly showed up where I live?

Hi! This is very sweet, right? But don’t spring it on someone the first or second time you meet them. Friend-date people for a little while and if you’re meant to be friends you will totally figure it out. Dear Captain Awkward: I ended my first romantic relationship earlier this year. I’m in my early […]

#394: Discussing consent & rape with my mom is leaving us both shredded.

Behind a cut for sure. Reasons are in the title, and it gets pretty detailed, so be warned.

#386: Facing down a predator.

Behind a cut for discussions of sexual abuse.


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