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Stockholm Syndrome

#394: Discussing consent & rape with my mom is leaving us both shredded.

Behind a cut for sure. Reasons are in the title, and it gets pretty detailed, so be warned. About these ads

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#313 & #314: Broken Friendships

Should there ever be a Captain Awkward Dot Com Meetup, I will acquire a bunch of these coloring books and the big boxes of crayons (and some silver and gold gel pens) and have a table where people can hang out and color. Right? Right. Thanks, Cleolinda! Today’s letters are on the less happy topics […]

#292: Wealth (& massive insecurity) is messing up my love life.

Hello Captain Awkward, I have an issue that you probably don’t get every day. I have a problem with wealth and dating. I’m in my late 20′s, and I have had the good fortune of becoming quite wealthy. Unfortunately, I am having trouble finding women who like me for me and not my wealth. Back […]

#284: “My partner is controlling about my appearance.”

Dear Captain Awkward, I’m in a long term relationship (7 years now) that started in my last year of high school, and has been my only romantic relationship. As you may imagine, it’s been…interesting. He’s a great person, with many admirable qualities, whom I still like a lot as a person and enjoy spending time […]

#276 & #277 & #278: A three-for-one stalker (un)special.

Here be a bunch of letters about dudes who can’t let go and the very young women who pity/get stalked by them. Have a website full of cute animal pictures open in another tab while you read this. You’re going to need it.

Question #122: Should I move away from my abusive family?

Hi Captain Awkward, I am a 21-year-old college student about to begin my last year of school. My family is a bit nuts. My 22-year-old brother, diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder at an early age, receives money from the government monthly and has never worked. My dad is in his 60s and also receives […]

Reader Question #6: I’m worried about my sister. She is still very close to our abusive parents.

Dear Captain Awkward, I currently have a kind of weird situation going on with my sister that I really don’t know how to deal with. My parents and I are estranged, and after many years of denial and telling myself that it was always my fault (when in fact, it never was, it was just […]


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