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Star Wars

#396: How do I get my boyfriend to dump his Darth Vader BFF?

Ahoy Captain! My boyfriend grew up around people whom he describes as ‘hateful and angry,’ who would call you [insert slur] if you pointed out their racism and misogyny. Later, he fell in with some really scary addicts. When I met him, the hard drugs and more violent people were gone, but he’s still friends […]

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#392: Overdue apologies.

Before we dig into today’s letter, I really like this “Ask Polly” piece at The Awl, I Miss My Maniac Ex. The Maniac Ex is what we around these parts would call a Darth Vader boyfriend. So you focus on that one magical night, in the middle of a sea of terrible nights, where he […]

Reader question #50: I’m a 27-year-old virgin and I’m mostly okay with that but sometimes I feel like a loser.

First things first.  Roseanne is totally badass and has just gone to the top of the Famous People I Would Like To Have A Drink With list. (h/t Tiger Beatdown) Second,here is  a reader question and corresponding guest-post from Commander Logic on the subject of losing your virginity after most people around you have lost […]

Feedburner is broken?

A lovely reader alerted me that “Subscribe in a reader” function  is broken, and I can see that it is broken, but I don’t know WHY it is broken or how to fix. Any smart nerds want to help me out?  Is it affecting those of you who already read it via RSS, or just […]

Reader question #39: My girlfriend is moving away to go to school and be with her other boyfriend(s). Should I wait?

Good day Cap-i-tan! I come to you now with the story if my current relationship, which is very very….. very awkward. Bit of information to note. She was 19, is now 20, I am 24. We met through friends, and first started out to be roommates cause mine was leaving me in a month and […]

Reader Question #15: Noisy Oxygen Tanks At The Opera

Dear Captain Awkward: OK, here’s a bit of an awkward situation for you: Very elderly folks, at the symphony or the opera, with one of those oxygen tanks that gives a very audible puff of air every three seconds, and makes a noise like a clockwork sniff. I’ve been at many performances when one of […]

Reader Question #12: How do I deal with my boyfriend’s ex-from-hell?

Dear Captain Awkward: So, it’s like this. I met a great guy, and get this, it’s one of THOSE love stories where the girl winds up with the guy she went to school with, it was him all along! Hurrah for fairy stories!!! So, all well and good and life is great with us, but […]

Reader Question #6: I’m worried about my sister. She is still very close to our abusive parents.

Dear Captain Awkward, I currently have a kind of weird situation going on with my sister that I really don’t know how to deal with. My parents and I are estranged, and after many years of denial and telling myself that it was always my fault (when in fact, it never was, it was just […]


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