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It Came From The Search Terms: SMARCH

The monthly(ish) roundup of the questions people type into search engines to find this blog. 1. “My partner thinks I have genital warts but I have herpes what do I do?” Both of you should get a full STI screen, if you haven’t already, and talk about whatever you find there. (‘Cause maybe it’s both). […]

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It Came From the Search Terms

Now and then it’s interesting to see the search terms that bring people here, and, since they are in the form of a question, give some short answers. I’ve added punctuation but otherwise left the texts unaltered. “Pushing someone to accept something they aren’t ready to.” Is doomed. You can maybe get someone to say […]

Guest Post #496: I No Longer Have Pantsfeelings for the Only Partner I’ve Had

[Content note: purity culture] Dear Captain Awkward, I am married. My husband is a very lovely, supportive man, very devoted and considerate, and a great father to our small child. We’ve been together nearly a decade, and married for most of that time. We are a good partnership. He was the first person I ever […]

#494: I want to try ALL THE THINGS with my new sex partner, but I’m worried my enthusiasm will make it weird.

Dear Captain Awkward: Hi, Captain! Here’s a happy question for you. I recently started dating and sleeping with a really awesome man. We have great chemistry, he’s very respectful, and I’m having a wonderful time getting to know him in and out of the bedroom. The issue that I’m having is that I think I’m […]

#482: Sexy drunk texts vs. sober rejection: I don’t know what to believe!

Hi Captain: There is this totally awesome and beautiful girl in some of my graduate classes. I sat next to her and before I knew it we started texting a lot and it looked like it was leading to something more. I tried taking her out to dinner but once she had something come up […]

#464: My mom died and my dad started having sex with men. A LOT of men. Should I talk to him about it?

Dear Captain Awkward, My mom died suddenly and unexpectedly 2 months ago. My parents had been married almost 40 years. A month after her passing, I accidentally discovered that my dad has been sleeping with multiple men he meets on the internet, at the gym, etc., and that he is also having sex in public […]

#406: By staying with my first partner, am I missing out on the single life?

Hello Captain, My problem isn’t really a problem as such, I am well aware that I’ve got it pretty good and most likely I am in a state of ‘the grass is greener’, but I need help figuring out what to do with these feelings. I am young adult, and pretty much my whole adolescent […]

#403: Fat rape survivor seeks the super handsome guy at work.

Hello Captain and Co.! Here’s my super sad background: I am a fat (stats redacted), black, straight, able-bodied, 33 year-old woman. I haven’t had sex in 13 years. I’ve come to realize that my one sex partner kinda raped away my virginity. I basically kept dating and sleeping with my abusive date rapist. Yes, I’m […]

#401: I can’t tell whether my girlfriend wants to have sex with me. (Spoiler: She doesn’t!)

As of 12/7 comments on this discussion are closed.   Hello Captain! I need a script for talking to my girlfriend about what she wants in bed. She’s eighteen and I’m twenty and we’ve been together for four years. Neither of us really experimented with other people before we met each other, so we’ve done […]

#383 & #384: Ladyboners

Dear Team Awwkard, Ok so here it is: I’m back at university after having to take time out due to depression and a very bad reaction to meds last year. I have a feeling that the depression was in a large part due to the relationship I was in at the time where my partner […]


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