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It Came From The Search Terms, April Showers Edition

Every month(ish) I answer the questions people typed into search engines to find this blog. Except for adding punctuation, I don’t change the wording. Enjoy! 1. “Mother-in-law hates me. How do I tell her I’m pregnant?” That sounds like a job for your spouse, her (presumably) son, who should be doing all or most of […]

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#506 & #507: It is 2fucking0fucking1fucking3, so why is it so hard to divide up household chores?

Things you should know going in: This is a two-for. I am not calm, collected, or unbiased about this topic. #506 Dear Captain Awkward, Been married 14 years, I think happily. We are affectionate, and sympathetic to each other’s problems, and want to help each other out. No kids. My problem is that I’m unhappy […]

The C-Word

Hello there, Entire Internet! Thank you for stopping by. Edited to Add: As of Monday, 8/13 I’ve locked commenting on this post. The moderation demands are overwhelming. Thanks for your constructive contributions! We’ll pick this discussion back up another time.</EDIT> ————– Right now I’m fielding a lot of emails and comments from guys who are […]

#322 & #323 “My friend group has a case of the Creepy Dude. How do we clear that up?”

Here is Letter #322. It and the other letter are below the jump because it’s fucking creepy in there. Edited to Add: It’s frankly depressing that this post has struck a chord with so many people, but I’m grateful and honored to be able to help the letter writers and to have given voice to […]

#280: “How do I get rid of my Facebook stalker without being mean about it?”

Aw fuck, people. More stalking. Emergency kittens standing by thanks to Twitter friend and hilarious DVD-reviewer @jearl8000. Dear Captain Awkward, For a few months now, I have what would be defined as a “Facebook stalker” – he likes all of my pictures, all of my statuses, all of my photos, all of my comments on […]

Linky Links of Linkyness

Lindy West reacts to a new book by the authors of The Rules with the correct amount of “What the everloving fuck?” (h/t Bitches Gotta Eat) “So, essentially (according to these jokers), online dating is a forum where you put yourself up for auction and then passively watch while men compete for your silent company […]

Why I will continue recommending counseling on this blog FOREVER.

I wanted to expand my response to this comment into its own post:

Geek Relationship Fallacies

Commander Logic here. I have been a geek and loved geeks since I began having relationships outside my family, and I have to say that The 5 Geek Social Fallacies rang true to me in that particular self-recognition-wince way. And Holly’s 5 Geek Sexual Fallacies were helpful too! DUDE, SO HELPFUL. But I feel like […]

Marie Claire’s “Rich”: Good girls get to meet your mom. Bad girls are too confident and hard to control….like dirty snow.

Thanks, Feministe, for pointing me toward this piece at Marie Claire:  “Why Men Prefer Innocent Girls to Bad Girls” by Rich.  Rich’s friends divide women into categories called Innocent/Good Girls and Bad Girls, and I’ve got bad news for women with opinions, self-confidence, and a sexual history. “Across the board, the guys agreed they prefer […]

“All that crying is killing my boner.”

Thanks, WashingtonPost.com and like, every other website I’ve looked at today, for making me create the blog category “Rants” with this headline and article:  Women’s tears are a turnoff for men, study suggests. While my initial question on reading the headline was “Who cared about this enough to study it?” I have to admit that […]


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