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#333 & #334: Friendships, breakups, poetry, and WTF?

Dear Captain A, I’ve been friends with my friend, B, since 2004. We had a short but really important lovership in 2006, had a hard breakup, but then rebuilt our friendship. For the past five years, he’s been someone I’ve considered family and my best friend. We referred to each other as ‘non sexual life […]

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Linky Links of Linkyness

Lindy West reacts to a new book by the authors of The Rules with the correct amount of “What the everloving fuck?” (h/t Bitches Gotta Eat) “So, essentially (according to these jokers), online dating is a forum where you put yourself up for auction and then passively watch while men compete for your silent company […]

Dude, you are so fucked.

Sometimes the only answer an advice columnist can give is “Dude, you are so fucked.”  Check out Dan Savage’s Letter of the Day from yesterday.  Amazing. Also, it’s National Poetry Month!  Here is Maggie Estep’s great poem, “I am an emotional idiot.” Emotional Idiot by Maggie Estep I’m an Emotional Idiot so get away from […]

Reader Question #20: Captain Awkward’s Emporium of Cutting Remarks

Dear Captain Awkward, Are there times when the FU should not be silent when telling people the STFU? If so, do you have a combat guide for mild-mannered ladies who wear pearls and read a lot of Jane Austen? Wanting to Get out the Sticks and Stones Oh, my ladylike friend, one day you will […]


I like this post about how to promote yourself without being a jerk.  I’ve been linking CaptainAwkward.com hardcore on the Book of the Face and the Twitter. This is a good reminder that you have to self-promote your work (no one else will), so don’t feel ashamed, but also don’t be such a Dalek about […]

The State Religion is Constant Self-Improvement

Bookslut writes about Judith Warner’s column on “yoga memoirs” like she took the words right out of my mouth. “It was with joy/frustration/hilarity that I read, then, Judith Warner’s piece in the New York Times about the rise of the yoga memoir. And how it ties into the death of feminist political action, because all […]

The power of vulnerability

I just watched this TED talk by Brene Brown (thanks to Between Those Things).  I’m a total geek for TED. The internet is amazing.  We live in amazing times.  I press a few buttons and books come to my house. I press a few more and I get to sit at the feet of […]


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