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#407: Was I “leading this guy on” when I asked him if we could be friends and then he suddenly showed up where I live?

Hi! This is very sweet, right? But don’t spring it on someone the first or second time you meet them. Friend-date people for a little while and if you’re meant to be friends you will totally figure it out. Dear Captain Awkward: I ended my first romantic relationship earlier this year. I’m in my early […]

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#386: Facing down a predator.

Behind a cut for discussions of sexual abuse.

#287: If you don’t want people to find out you are a ‘sex pest’, don’t pester them for sex.

Dear Captain, Long time reader, occasional commenter and seriously in need of reassurance, or clarity over what has just happened. My experience with men is limited, although in the current academic year I have had three men throw themselves at me – only one of which was appreciated. Have had many unpleasant experiences with men […]

#276 & #277 & #278: A three-for-one stalker (un)special.

Here be a bunch of letters about dudes who can’t let go and the very young women who pity/get stalked by them. Have a website full of cute animal pictures open in another tab while you read this. You’re going to need it.

Question #172: How do I break up with the mean guy who scares me?

Edit/Update:  The LW contacted me to let me know that she left Jon the Asshole (Yay!) after he (predictably) physically assaulted her (Boo!). She’s doing ok and gives us all her love (which is returned. SO returned). I’m leaving this question up because she’s probably (sadly) not alone in having the question.   Hello Captain, […]

Reader question #87: How do I talk about a molesting grandparent?

I’m putting this entire letter behind a cut tag. This has been your trigger warning.

Variations on a theme: How can I get my “friends” to stop touching me? (Question #76)

This came into the Captain Awkward mailbox last night.  It seems like we’re all in the mood to Hulk out and get people to stop touching other people, so have at it, commenters. Dear Captain Awkward, I have a recurring problem when it comes to friends. It’s been a problem from the very beginning, as […]

Reader question #75: Guest post! My “friend” is making me very uncomfortable with his touching and sexual comments.

Dear Captain Awkward, This one might be a little long, and I am frankly afraid there might not be any good solution for it. My senior year in college, I shared a house with wonderful friends and an additional guy, A., who most of us didn’t know, but he was a friend of one of […]

Rich is back!

And he’s still a dipshit. When last we saw our hero, he was comparing confident women who are hard to control  to “dirty snow.”  On the subject of rejecting strangers who want your number in bars, he says this: The best way for a girl to avoid that awkward first date is to not give […]

More depressing search terms.

As you know, WordPress lets me see what people typed into Google to find this place.  Sometimes these things are hilarious and awesome, like  “sex on second date and i am not sorry.”  Why would you be sorry, anonymous internet searcher?  Go get you some. However, tonight it was “boyfriend threatening rape if i dont […]


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