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Open Thread

The Books You Always Find Yourself Recommending Open Thread (updated)

Good thread, everyone! Comments on this discussion are closed as of 9/14. ——————————– Sorting through and packing up my books for moving, and asked for book recommendations by a friend, I realized that there is a short list of titles & authors that I repeatedly find myself shoving into people’s hands (usually after being lucky […]

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Off-To-College Open Thread

Are you about to start university? Are you in the middle of your studies? Are you a recent grad with tips to share? This is your thread to talk to each other. Anxieties? Things you are most excited about? Tips on self care? Figuring out how to live away from home and deal with roommates? […]

Open Thread: Long Distance Relationships (+ Pledge Drive Day 2)

It’s Day 2 of the Pledge Drive. Thank you so much for the kind donations so far!  One of the things I plan to do with the donations is save for a new computer. Two years ago, your generous support made it possible for me to buy a used computer when I moved out of […]

Friday Open Thread: Recipes and Books

Thanks for all the recipes and books! I need to step away from moderation for the next few days due to some work deadlines and can’t pay attention to the spam queue, so am closing comments. We’ll do another one of these sometime soon.  In the meantime, work on finding us a rich benefactor so […]

The Pie-For-Breakfast Boxing Day Open Thread

Good morning. I hope everyone had a nice December 25th. I spent the day playing computer games and hanging out with the Gentleman Caller, trying to shake this disgusting sinus infection that’s laid me low for the past two weeks. A phlegm haiku to start your day off right: lung-butter sculptures land in the porcelain […]

The King is Dead. Open Thread.

This is just to say that I am enjoying the new Decemberists album quite a bit, even though I’m used to more songs about stabbing and murder from them. Did they go on antidepressants?  The Crane Wife is one of my “desert island” albums, but this is pretty good.  “January Hymn” is sad in just […]


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