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Question #149: The Sad Cat Neighbor Feelings Situation

Hey Captain Awkward. I love your column. I think I found it through a link at Feministe (???)in the comments. Anyhoo, here is my problem that I will try to explain as simply as possible: I have had a couple of very rough years. My partner of 15+ years  had a horrible legal battle against his […]

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Guest post: The Case of the Mocked Meows (Reader question #100)

My good friend Major Mishap kindly took on this question about a loud cat and the neighbors who mock it.  I am mostly excited to have an excuse to spam you all with photos of my cat, who I think you’ll agree, is the world’s cutest animal. Dear Captain Awkward, I guess I’m apparently the […]

Reader question #69: The guy who lives upstairs from me wants me to be his…”friend.”

Dear Captain Awkward, I’m sure there there have been similar questions, but I feel mine has an added complication. It is, I shiver to say, an “unwanted advances” issue that I’m having. Background: I am a female in my lower twenties who recently graduated from a university, and I’m living in a small two-story apartment […]


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