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Munich Meetup April 17

The first Germany meetup is happening! From Mercy: Awkward Army goes Germany – first Munich meetup!The first Awkward meetup in Munich will take place on the 17th of April, 3 p.m. at Café KlenzeThe address is:Cafe Klenze, in der Alten Pinakothek, Barer Straße 27It’s is on Tram line 27, the Schellingstr. stop, or the Pinakotheken […]

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London & Bay Area Meetups: April 12

London rescheduled their monthly meetup to April 12. Details from Kate: Dear all, Sorry about this, but I’ve ended up moving the April meetup from the previously advertised date.  It will now be the 12th of April. Southbank Centre, SE1 8XX near Waterloo station, 11am onwards. For this month’s theme, bring or talk about something […]

Victoria, BC Meetup March 22

O Canada! You’re meeting up, courtesy of Annafel. Her message: Hi friends! Over in the discussion thread for the Captain’s ‘You Are Legion’ post, there was a bit of interest in a meetup in Victoria, BC (the one in Canada). I then posted in the Meetup thread, and a couple of other people and I […]

March 1 London Meetup

The invite from Kate is here. March meetup will have playdough! Southbank Centre, SE1 8XX near Waterloo station, 11am onwards on the 1st of March. This month it will be playdough, I’ve decided! There are several easy-looking and cheap recipes for it online, so if you have the time/space/money to make some, give it a […]

Twin Cities and Melbourne Meetups, February 16

Reminder, the Twin Cities meetup is this weekend. From organizer Michelle, who would appreciate a RSVP: Hey Twin Cities Awkward Army! Sorry for the short notice. This month’s meetup is this Sunday, 2/16 at Blue Ox Coffee Company! It will be at 1 PM. This time, I will have some fresh new coloring books, but […]

Bristol, UK Meetup March 15

It’s time for Bristol-ers to get together again. The details from Kate: Hi Captain – we are meeting up again, can you please post? Many thanks! Kate Hi all, it’s meetup time again! At the March meet, we shall be largely celebrating each other’s awesomeness. Do you draw, paint, write, knit, cross-stitch, or engage in […]

York, UK Meetup, 2/15

Liam has organized (or, organised) a meetup in York. Details: Hi Captain! @AutistLiam here I volunteered to organise the second York (UK) meet up. It is now going to happen on Saturday the 15th of February for post-Valentines complaining about how most of January and February get consumed by Enforced Romance. And anything else people […]

London Meetup, February First

The monthly planning email from Kate is here! February meetup, with knitting and woolology (small prize for anyone who recognises the quote, by the way). Southbank Centre, SE1 8XX near Waterloo station, 11am onwards on the 1st of February. This month, by popular demand, we have a teach-in for knitting, crochet, macrame, and anything else […]

Twin Cities Meetup, 1/19

From organizer Michelle: Dear Captain Awkward, After a month long break due to holidays and deep freezes, the Twin Cities Awkward Army is meeting up again! There will be an Awkward meetup next week at Blue Ox Coffee Company on Sunday 1/19. It will start at 1 pm and go to whenever. I’m bringing my coloring books + crayons as always, […]

Chicago Meetup 1/19

User “Digital Tart” has this to say about plans for an upcoming Chicago meetup: …I was hoping to get a signal boost on an upcoming Chicago meetup that’s been brewing in the forums. Here are the details: Date: Sunday 1/19/2014Time: 7:00pmLocation: Dollop Coffee (Uptown), 4181 N Clarendon Ave, Chicago, IL 60613. We’ll be meeting in […]


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