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Intern Paul

#195, #196, and #197: Meet more people.

Three letters in one today. This will get long, but bear with us, ok? There is a soundtrack and a lot of talk about crushes and what they mean and what you should do about them. First, a little song from one of our Awkward Patron Saints to get you in the mood. About these […]

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Question #173: How do I help my friends through breakups?

Dear Captain Awkward, I have never been in a relationship and yet somehow I often wind up being among the first people told about break-ups of others. Today a friend I haven’t known for long (couple of months but we hit it off right away) send me an email to apologise for not replying to […]

Question #129: “I am the Mayor of the Friend Zone.”

COMMENTS ON THIS POST ARE NOW CLOSED. There’s no way to turn off comments to individual posts, so we’re on the honor system here as of Friday, 3:45 pm CDT. ### Hello, Awkward Nation. I get many versions of the question “How do I get better at meeting & dating women/men?” in the Captain Awkward […]

Reader Question #47: Please solve all my relationship issues at once

Dear Captain Awkward, Like many single guys, I have a number of women I am interested in. And each relationship is fraught with its own issues leading to none of them moving forward. Perhaps you’d like to help me solve all of them? If you can’t do that, at least help me figure out who […]

Reader Question 22: I’m living out the European remake of 500 Days of Summer.

Dear Captain Awkward, I’m just over thirty and left my home and career in the US to live in Europe a little over 6 months ago. I’m now a full time student and also involved in several groups and volunteer work. I like having a very full schedule, I’m a bit of a workaholic and […]

Today’s Dear Prudence: Your judgmental family needs to eat a bag of dicks.

Intern Paul has some words for the second letter writer in today’s Dear Prudence, aka, the girl who went through a slutty phase and has now been basically kicked out of her super-Christian family because her judgmental controlling turd of a brother snooped in her email and told everyone about her wicked ways. First, here […]


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