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#250: How do I tell people about my divorce?

Dear Captain Awkward,  Seven weeks ago my husband of six years told me he wants a divorce.  There is no room for negotiation on his side.  We’ve been to a marriage counselor a few times since he told me, and have spent most of the sessions talking about how we’ll divide the assets, deal with the house, […]

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Surviving Holiday Visits

It’s Chrismukkah (insert your “We’re halfway out of the dark” holiday of choice here), the time of year where some of us take a few days off, eat and drink things with people we love, light sparkly lights, maybe exchange gifts. If this is a relaxing, special time of year for you that you love, […]

Reading this Wednesday, 6/22

For those of you who live in Chicago and enjoy storytelling, I’ll be reading at an event called Women on Fire,  “an evening of true tales of women on the verge of freedom, destruction, and salvation,”  featuring stories by Kelly Anchors, Caryn Berman, Joan Lipschutz, Dana Norris (founder and host of Story Club), Anne Purkey, […]


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