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Graduation Day

My friends and former students are graduating!  Many of you are probably graduating! Dear Sugar made a graduation speech, and ladies and gentleman, if that woman decided to start a church I would try to go to that church. When I graduated from college, my graduation speaker was Richard Holbrooke and he patiently explained to […]

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I like this post about how to promote yourself without being a jerk.  I’ve been linking CaptainAwkward.com hardcore on the Book of the Face and the Twitter. This is a good reminder that you have to self-promote your work (no one else will), so don’t feel ashamed, but also don’t be such a Dalek about […]

The State Religion is Constant Self-Improvement

Bookslut writes about Judith Warner’s column on “yoga memoirs” like she took the words right out of my mouth. “It was with joy/frustration/hilarity that I read, then, Judith Warner’s piece in the New York Times about the rise of the yoga memoir. And how it ties into the death of feminist political action, because all […]


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