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#508 & #509: Friendship, Attachment Styles & Boundaries

This is the last day of the Summer Pledge Drive, where I post the links for making a (non-tax deductible) gift  through PayPal or  via Dwolla.  Your generosity so far has been amazing and I am so humbled and pleased with the outpouring of support. A new computer will be within reach when this one goes. I […]

#460: Boundaries are good, even if other people don’t enjoy it when you set them.

This is a very smart post on moving on and setting boundaries with an ex from Jenn Vicious at In Our Words: “There’s this thing that sometimes happens when people break up but still care about each other: they want to continue working on things that were problems in their relationship. Don’t do that. My […]

#446 and #447: Aging, family, and boundaries

Dear Captain Awkward: I’m having a bit of trouble with my parents. To start off with, I’m in my mid-40s and have been living on my own since I was 19. My parents are in their late 60s. They’re both retired, but Dad has been volunteering his time at a local school to give him […]

#353 & #354: Bathrooms, Butts, and Boundaries

Thanks to everyone who came to yesterday’s gelato-eating and gab session. The best part was sitting at the table and being able to identify who was there for the meetup by their 1) excellent fashion choices 2) friendly demeanor and 3) carrying-of-books. I’m sure we’ll do other Chicago-based events, though as a reminder, you don’t […]

#329: My partner won’t set boundaries with his horrible family.

Dear Captain Awkward, I’m in a wonderful, 5-1/2 year relationship with a great guy. It’s not all sunshine and roses (what relationship is?) but we’ve built a solid, great thing based on mutual respect, and I’m 100% sure he’s the one I want to spend the rest of my life with/meld my DNA with in […]

#225: Restating boundaries with a clingy friend.

Ooh, ooh! Sweet Machine emailed me the perfect image to go with this question. Dear Captain, I have an issue concerning an impasse I’m having with a friend. Let me give you some context for said impasse. This friend of mine is a human I have known for years, we’ll call him Steve. Over that […]

Abuse, Boundaries, and Magical Thinking: A Guest Post by Piny

Hello, Captain Awkward here. A long time ago when Lauren posted her series on gaslighting on Feministe, she asked me to write a post about how there’s no magical way to change an abuser’s mind by some combination of using your words and being really plucky and having a lot of gumption. I do believe […]

Question # 164: Redrawing boundaries with a possessive ex.

Dear Captain Awkward: I’m a transman – reasonably attractive, fairly extroverted, early in my transition. I have recently moved to a new city and found a group of people who are both awesome (sharing similar interests and drives) and supportive of my transition. I even started dating a nice young man in this group. Then […]

Question 156: Maintaining boundaries when you have to ask for help.

Dear Captain Awkward, Background: I’m losing my home to gentrification. I’m disabled and receive rent assistance from the housing authority. After what I’d planned as a fun day out (I’ve been severely agoraphobic lately and trying to force myself to get out more) became an unpleasant evening waiting for buses in the cold, damp, dark, […]

Reader question #37: Overcoming lust and second thoughts to set boundaries with an ex.

Hi there, Captain Awkward, how are you? Brief (ish) back story. I dated this guy for ~14months. I think he was the nicest guy I’ve dated since my relationships moved beyond simple kissing. It was comfortable, and mostly happy. Then my parents separated whilst I was in the process of moving cities as part of […]


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