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Non-therapy help for your brain + meet awkward people in New York City

Hi everyone. If I ever get done grading midterm projects and catch up on sleep I’ll post an actual letter.

In the meantime, Kate Donovan has posted a list of non-therapy mental health resources and is seeking additional recommendations. Go check it out.

And New York wanted to remind everyone about this weekend’s meetup:

Hi Captain,
Would you mind posting a reminder on the website about this weekend’s meetup in Brooklyn? It’s at Maimonides of Brooklyn at 525 Atlantic Avenue. (http://www.mob-usa.com) Please RSVP to awkwardnyc@gmail.com so we can update the reservation if necessary, and feel free to bring board games. You’ll know me by my tiger-shaped hat.
See you there!
Thanks for setting this up, Xenophile.
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4 comments on “Non-therapy help for your brain + meet awkward people in New York City

  1. Ack, it’s actually me, Kate Donovan, who made and posted that list :)
    I’m half the blogging team there–the mental health correspondent, if you will :P

  2. I tried to RSVP via email, but I’m not sure it went through. If it didn’t, I’ll be there!

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