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#463: Help me stop being mean.

Dear Captain Awkward: I am trying to not make this question sound like a pity party, but will probably slip up somewhere. Apologies in advance and gratefulness for making this the space you do. I feel like I am just plain mean a lot of the time.  It’s confusing because I try to be really […]

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Asheville, North Carolina is Meeting Up April 30

From Dr. Jillenstein: Hello Awkwardeers of Western North Carolina! Please join me for an Awkward Army Meetup on Tuesday, April 30, at the French Broad Chocolate Lounge in Asheville, NC. Delicious chocolate desserts and drinks are available and reasonably priced at this all-ages location. The first floor is fully accessible, there are gender-neutral bathrooms, and […]

London Meetup + #462: When is it time to cut off communication with abusive family?

Reminder, monthly London meetup is tomorrow. Sorry for not posting this sooner, guys! It’s been the week of 1000 meetings. Dear Awkward Army, London meetup this weekend, 23rd March!  All welcome. 11:00 am onwards, Leon restaurant, 36/38 Old Compton Street, London, W1D 4TT. The venue so far has worked out well, so I’m sticking with that.  […]

#461: My partner makes hurtful jokes about my health situation.

Dear Captain Awkward: I have had a very complex life in the last couple of years. I have gone from having a fairly normal life in regards to health and then I went on dialysis. Since that point I now have a kidney transplant. My girlfriend currently has a really hard time wrapping her mind […]

#460: Boundaries are good, even if other people don’t enjoy it when you set them.

This is a very smart post on moving on and setting boundaries with an ex from Jenn Vicious at In Our Words: “There’s this thing that sometimes happens when people break up but still care about each other: they want to continue working on things that were problems in their relationship. Don’t do that. My […]

Open Thread

Sorry for the light posting. My students are all in the middle of making films, so my job is pretty busy right now, and I took on an additional super-cool project. If you’re in Chicago, come see By The Way, Meet Vera Stark at the Goodman Theatre this spring. It’s a play about the African […]

Non-therapy help for your brain + meet awkward people in New York City

Hi everyone. If I ever get done grading midterm projects and catch up on sleep I’ll post an actual letter. In the meantime, Kate Donovan has posted a list of non-therapy mental health resources and is seeking additional recommendations. Go check it out. And New York wanted to remind everyone about this weekend’s meetup: Hi Captain, […]

#459: Do I have to destroy my health to be in grad school?

I’m in grad school for creative writing. It’s hard. Right now, I’m taking three classes, which means that I’m reading 500-plus pages a week, in addition to commenting on my classmates’ writing and producing a poem every week. Plus, I’m teaching a basic composition course for struggling writers, and a literature course (for the first […]

#458: Things are great, so we don’t have to ever talk about feelings, right?

Dear Captain Awkward: My boyfriend and I are in our mid-twenties and have been together for about half a year. He treats me well, takes an interest in what I do and enjoy and is generally a good boyfriend. We have a lot of similar characteristics and the same silly sense of humor. When we […]

What is an introvert? #456 & #457: Communication Expectations

Hello Captain Awkward team! Since I started college, my mother has been driving me crazy regarding calls home. Specifically, the frequency of my calls home. I am introverted and don’t express attachment and affection openly. In the beginning of college, if I didn’t call every single day to reassure her I was not dead in […]


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