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NYC Meetup March 16

Meet awkward people in NYC! Please RSVP to the host at the provided email address so they can reserve a table at the venue.

Hi Captain!
I’d like to invite all our Awkward Army folk in the NYC area to a meetup in Brooklyn on Saturday March 16th at noon. Let’s hang out and play board games! It’s at Maimonides of Brooklyn, 525 Atlantic Ave. (http://www.mob-usa.com/)  It’s a vegan restaurant that can do gluten free upon request, and they’re also wheelchair accessible. It’s close to the A, C, and G trains at Hoyt/Schemerhorn, the 2, 3, 4, 5, N, Q, R, B, and D trains at Atlantic/Pacific, and if you don’t mind walking a few avenues, the F train at Bergen. (Unfortunately, only the Atlantic/Pacific stop is wheelchair accessible.)
Please RSVP  to awkwardnyc@gmail.comso I can reserve a table, and let me know if you’re bringing any board games, or which games you’d like me to bring. I can bring Scrabble, Settlers of Catan, Apples to Apples, and/or playing cards.
Can’t wait to meet you all there!
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11 comments on “NYC Meetup March 16

  1. Oh darn it! I’ll be in Georgia for this meetup! I hope there will be others soon enough.

    • I have the same problem, I’m running away to Pittsburgh that weekend.

      • A couple other people can’t make it either, so we’ll just have to have another in the near/mid future. :) Just out of curiosity, would you be able to make it to Park Slope? Boerum Hill has more subway options, but there’s a beer hall (I think on Union St?) that has nice big communal tables and can accommodate large groups.

  2. Ooh, I might be able to make that. Thanks for organizing, Xenophile! I’ll drop a proper RSVP email once I’m sure I can go.

  3. Yay! I’ll be there.

  4. I hope I can make it! I’ve been hoping for a NYC meet up for a while now. Thanks for organizing it, Xenophile!

  5. Noooo I won’t be in NYC until the end of August!

    • Miri
      How about organizing one in August- maybe in Manhattan to make it easier? Brklyn is great but the subways lately….

  6. I will be in town-and so will my parents! Guess I’ll hope to make the next one. Also, I can make it to Park Slope.

    (I feel like I should introduce myself since this is my first comment. Um, hi everyone. I live in NYC and have a cat. Been here almost a year, moved from DC area for work.)

  7. Can’t do this one due to internship obligations. Might be able to make one in the future though! Yay!

  8. I hope it’s not too late to say I’ll drop by.

    Board games are probably great for something like this, they’re a good icebreaker (especially Catan, though I’m on record as saying the thief is a pointlessly cruel mechanic).

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