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#455: Jealousy & Crushes in High School

Hello, everyone! I ducked out to South Carolina for a few days to see family. Regular computer access is now restored. Two links today: Scarleteen, the fantastic sex-ed resource, desperately needs donations to sustain their work. If you have a few $, please consider a donation there. Some nice people nominated this site for the […]

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NYC Meetup March 16

Meet awkward people in NYC! Please RSVP to the host at the provided email address so they can reserve a table at the venue. Hi Captain! I’d like to invite all our Awkward Army folk in the NYC area to a meetup in Brooklyn on Saturday March 16th at noon. Let’s hang out and play […]

#454: Darth Vader is a tricksy hobbit.

Hello, Citizens of Friday. First order of business, this great nod of solidarity for the socially awkward from Dorothy Parker. ‎”Those who have mastered etiquette, who are entirely, impeccably right, would seem to arrive at a point of exquisite dullness.” -Dorothy Parker Second order of business: This great post from The Pervocracy, “How To Have Sex […]

London Meetup, sneaking up on us

There’s a London meetup this Saturday. Details below: Hi Captain, I’ll be handling the London meetup this Saturday. The details are: 23th February, 12:00 am onwards, Leon restaurant, 36/38 Old Compton Street, London, W1D 4TT. Map: http://goo.gl/maps/i9COr Leon have a variety of good food at very reasonable prices – for central London, anyway!  Menu here:http://www.leonrestaurants.co.uk/menu/ This branch has […]

#453: Guest Post: How Do I Come Out to My Mom?

I’ll be quick- After getting my teaching degree abroad, I’ve moved back home with my folks because I have no money, and there are no teaching jobs (or really ANY jobs) in my area at the moment. I’m also transgender. I came out to my dad about a year ago while we were travelling together, […]

Cohabitation Situations: Ambivalence Deliverance (#451) & Eviction Prescription (#452)

Before we jump into sad, serious things, Gollum dreamed a dream (of coming to your party?) Courtesy of my friend @spyscribe. You guys watch The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, right? Now, some letters about living situations gone bad (#451) and very, very bad (#452). Dearest Captain, I need some help with relationship ambivalence. It’s been 3 years […]

#450: How to tighten up your game at work when you’re depressed.

Hey, Captain and Co. I spent the past two years of my life being really depressed (and, honestly, who knows how long before that — I was only diagnosed last year, but I’ve felt pretty awful for as long as I can remember), and, through some supportive parents and medication and an awesome partner and […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m filling in to teach a class for a sick friend + have a giant pile of work to do, and there’s probably no way we’re topping this as a Valentine’s Day post, so, here you go. [<3] Consider this an open thread to share stories of ways people (friends, family, partners, teachers, coworkers, anyone!) […]

#449: I hate my job, I’m broke, my commute sucks, and I maybe want to be a writer.

Hi Captain! My main question is: how do I keep going? I have 99 problems, I need to fix at least 95 of them but right now I can’t even seem to fix 1 so I am stuck. I’ve been actively job-hunting for over a year now. I know others have it worse, either through […]

#448: How do I accept compliments?

2/11/13, 7:30 pm, comments on this thread are now closed.   Dear Captain Awkward: How do you non-awkwardly handle compliments and being thanked? I’ve always hated being praised or thanked, even as a kid. I never know what to say. My mum constantly thanks me for stuff that is a normal part of being a […]


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