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Seattle Meetup & WAM Auction

Quick reminder, there’s a meetup in Seattle tonight! It was planned a while ago, so might have fallen off people’s radar.  Hello Captain, Would you mind boosting the Seattle meet-up announcement? Today, November 27 at 6:30 pm, Foxipher Jones and myself will behosting a Seattle meet-up, this time at Wayward Coffeehouse (6417Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, […]

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#399: “But you oooowe me!” — entitlement rears its head again

Dear Captain Awkward, I’m a 20-something who’s had a hell of a year. I was in an accident earlier this year and am still recuperating: I’ve had three major surgeries and have one more coming up. I just restarted therapy for childhood trauma, and I have moved several times this year due to bad roommate […]

#398: I’m tired of explaining my medical condition and food choices to “helpful” folks.

As of 11/29/2012, comments on this entry are closed. Hi Captain! I’ve had type 1 diabetes for nearly my whole life (18 years), and I’ve graduated college and moved away from home. As I’m very open about having T1D, I’m often asked about what diabetes is, what the difference is between type 1 and 2 […]

#397: Pretty should be optional.

People are always telling me I could be attractive if I wanted to, and I acknowledge the truth of this – thing is, I don’t want to. I don’t care about my appearance beyond being clean and presentable. I’m not interested in putting more effort in just to please other people, and I’m perfectly comfortable […]

#396: How do I get my boyfriend to dump his Darth Vader BFF?

Ahoy Captain! My boyfriend grew up around people whom he describes as ‘hateful and angry,’ who would call you [insert slur] if you pointed out their racism and misogyny. Later, he fell in with some really scary addicts. When I met him, the hard drugs and more violent people were gone, but he’s still friends […]

Journal Keepers, ahoj!

Today @brainpicker has this beautiful piece by Joan Didion on why we keep notebooks.

#395: Confronting offensive bosses and coworkers.

Dear Captain Awkward, I have a dilemma that I suspect is quite common, but I’m still running into mental roadblocks as to how to properly approach it. Background: I’m a lesbian and a big-eff Feminist working in a male-dominated field, in a male-dominated company. I’ve worked marketing, event planning and PR for rape crisis centres, […]

Saturday Links

Like Swimming After Eating A Burrito: Dating Advice From The Wrong Side from In Our Words. There’s a lot of great, insightful stuff in here, but this is my favorite part of the piece: “Are they a jerk to other people? They’re probably also a jerk to you. I used to be one of those people […]

#394: Discussing consent & rape with my mom is leaving us both shredded.

Behind a cut for sure. Reasons are in the title, and it gets pretty detailed, so be warned.

#393: My friends keep inviting my abusive ex and me to the same parties, despite being asked directly not to.

How great is this tip for dealing with people who invade your personal space? Since there’s no transcript at the link, I’ll tell you: When someone comes up behind you and is too close, get visibly and audibly startled ( “Aaaah! Yikes!”) and move back. You want people to turn around and look at what’s […]


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