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Please don’t send any new questions until after November 7. I’m altering the way I process questions, and it will be to your benefit to wait. Thank you!     About these ads

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Western Mass & Philly Meetups

I just fished these out of my inbox. Neat. Unfortunately, I will not (seriously) be checking email until after Nov. 7, so hold off on scheduling meetups until after then, or use Twitter, or semaphore.   Hello, Captain! This is infrequent commenter / regular lurker Manuscriptgeek. Two other readers and I would like to announce […]

Hiatus, Holiday Open Thread, & #389: Friendly Social Coercion is Still Coercion

Hello! I have a backlog of something like 300 unanswered questions in my inbox. I also have some travel, work deadlines, and life stuff that mean I will not be posting here or checking blog-related email until early November. I will try to clean out the spam filter every other day or so, but I’m […]

#388: Please let me go.

Dear Captain Awkward, I have decided to end my 4-year relationship with my boyfriend. Throughout the last 4 years, despite my best efforts to convince myself, I have never been truly passionate and enthusiastic about this relationship, though we’ve definitely had some good moments. He on the other hand has been extremely invested in it. […]

#387: The coffee made me do it.

Hi Captain Awkward,

#386: Facing down a predator.

Behind a cut for discussions of sexual abuse.

#385: My ex-friend and his bullshit lies.

Hey Captain Awkward… So! I used to be BFF with this guy. I eventually ended things after it took a turn for the weird – he became incredibly demanding of my time and attention and started telling me things that, frankly, freaked me out. Our friendship ended after we took a trip together, during which I became increasingly uncomfortable […]

#383 & #384: Ladyboners

Dear Team Awwkard, Ok so here it is: I’m back at university after having to take time out due to depression and a very bad reaction to meds last year. I have a feeling that the depression was in a large part due to the relationship I was in at the time where my partner […]

#382: My sister probably isn’t coming home for Thanksgiving. How do I tell her how hurt I am?

Hi Captain Awkward, So here’s my situation (long, apologies): I have one younger sister who I see pretty infrequently, as I live on the East Coast and she attends school in the Midwest (our hometown is also in the Midwest). We bickered quite a bit growing up and are fairly different people to this day, […]

#381: How do I tell my sad friend I’m getting engaged?

Dear Captain Awkward, So, this friend is someone I’ve known for nearly a decade. We went to college together, we were roommates during and after college together, we’ve collaborated on work together, we hang out weekly, we have certain holidays we spend with each other . . . that sort of thing. We’ve had our […]


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