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Meetups: Washington DC on Oct. 11, Seattle on Nov. 27

Hello! There are two meetups on the books. 1. From Wiley in Washington, DC: I’m interested in doing a meetup for DC. I’ll be at Penn Social (http://pennsocialdc.com/) on October 11th at 7pm. There is a reasonable beer selection, snacks, and best of all, board and arcade games! Last time I was there I played dominoes and […]

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#364: Should I have a different opinion about not having opinions?

Hi Captain, I have a kind of strange problem. People say that I’m not good at expressing my opinions, but I think that is because I just have so few of them. I have some rather simple opinions such as “angelfish are pretty” and “all humans should be treated as equals”. Other than agreeing with […]

#363: My partner’s career is eating all their energy and attention.

Dear Captain Awkward: I’ve been with my partner for close to a decade now.  In the past year or three, they’ve been getting way more into their career, to the point where they are barely home.   Even when they are home, they’re not dependably home, if that’s clear — they’re sometimes present and delightful and […]

#362: Go the F*** to Sleep

Dear Captain Awkward, I write this as I lie in bed, too stressed to sleep. You think tonight I’d be feeling good. After more months then I’d like to admit to, I’ve finally got an interview on the books for one of the many jobs I’ve been applying for – one that I really want […]

#361: Friendship, obsession, and depression.

If reading about suicide and suicidal ideation would be troubling for you, stop here.

#360: My coworker called me a virgin, why did that hurt my feelings so much?

Dear Captain Awkward, I live and work at an isolated location with six other people. We are nearing the end of our work rotation and everyone is wearing a little thin emotionally so that might be partially where this problem stems from. I have a really good relationship with the woman that I spend the […]

#359: Family & Business

Hi Captain, I want to move out at the end of the year and I had the idea of moving into my Grandmother’s unoccupied flat (she lives in a home).The only problem is my family. My Mother is my Grandmother’s Administrator so she makes all the big decisions when it comes to my grandmother’s affairs but […]

#358: MOAR crowdsourcing: Meeting new people in a rural area?

Hi Captain, You’ve provided some great advice for meeting new people. However, I’m wondering if the Awkward Army has any experience or advice for meeting people in a rural setting. I live in a rural state, and in a pretty isolated area (population around 20,000…hour and a half away from from the Big City That […]

#357: Dispatches from the Mean Old People Internet

Hi Captain Awkward, I want to preface my email by saying that I really love my mom. I really do. We had a great relationship when I was growing up and we still do, for the most part. Generally she is an accepting, loving, level-headed person, albeit gullible at times. She is a Christian and […]

#355: The old double-bind.

Ooh, these are posting out of order because I had several drafts in the hopper and scheduled them in the wrong order. We’ll live with it. Dear Captain Awkward, I am recently married and also a newbie mom. Before marriage and my then pregnancy, I had always considered myself a cheery person. But when I […]


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