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#340: How do you say “I don’t love you?”

More on the theme of parents & communication with adult children today. Dear Captain Awkward, I’ve been reading your blog for just a few days now but I already caught on to the important part ‘speak up for yourself’. Now my problem is that I can’t. Or rather I can’t make myself. I’ve grown up […]

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Seattle Meetup: Thursday, September 20th

This just in: Captain Awkward! and assorted other Awkward Militia, I want to have an Awkward Meet-up in Seattle!  And since I get to pick… Details: Thursday September 20th at 5pm at Solo Bar in Lower Queen Anne. I’m not a regular commenter, but I’m lurky-lurker, and my handle (I think? the, like, two times I […]

#339: My mom gives me the silent treatment.

Hi Captain: I was raised by a mom who used the silent treatment. Whenever she was really mad about something- maybe once a month- she’d just shut down for several days at a time and not talk to anyone except to sneer at them. This only applied to people in my immediate family- my dad […]

#338: Keeping in touch with professors after graduation.

Hello! I have an academia related question for you. I graduated from a small liberal arts college in May 2011. I enjoyed my time there immensely. I was able to form some awesome relationships with my professors and some administrators (most of whom were my bosses for part-time jobs or internship supervisors). I moved to […]

#337: I want her. She wants me. What do I do?

Ahoy, Captain! Maybe this is a pleasant problem to have, but it’s a puzzling one. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately with a woman I find very attractive, trying to figure out whether I want to ask her out or not. We have a lot of interests in common, and do plenty of […]

#336: Gracefully exiting from conversations.

Dear Captain Awkward, I’ve recently been going to social events where I don’t know anyone (such as MeetUp groups – thankyou for the suggestion BTW – I didn’t know about them until you mentioned them) in order to meet new people and perhaps rebuild some kind of social life, since the one I had kind […]

Yay, Boston!

A report from General Expression: “I’m happy to report that the Boston Awkwardeers Army meet-up yesterday was extremely successful! We had over a dozen people show up, and happily and awkwardly chat with each other. The event started at 6 pm, and the last people didn’t head home until almost 11:30 pm! General Expression (here referring to herself […]

#335: How do I set a boundary with my friend without hurting her feelings?

Dear Captain Awkward, I have a best friend.  We’ve known each other for a long time, gone through some really rough times together as we both coped with mental illness, toxic families, financial hardship and general shenanigans.  Being single ladies who are at the asexual end of the scale, we share a house, and have […]

#333 & #334: Friendships, breakups, poetry, and WTF?

Dear Captain A, I’ve been friends with my friend, B, since 2004. We had a short but really important lovership in 2006, had a hard breakup, but then rebuilt our friendship. For the past five years, he’s been someone I’ve considered family and my best friend. We referred to each other as ‘non sexual life […]

#332: Wanting to make new friends and feeling like your filter is off-kilter.

Dear Captain Awkward,  Last Friday, I went on a first date with a guy who hated me.    I got dressed up, took a cab to this nice bar and dissected whether it was a date or not with the cabbie, had the waiter enthuse over how adorable I was … and the guy flat-out […]


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