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What would Cthulu do?

A cute plush Cthulu

Clicking the photo will take you to Sew Leslie's Etsy shop where you can order your very own adorable Cthulu pillow.

I’ve got work to do.

Let H.P. Lovecraft answer all your questions. (Thanks to the CA reader who sent this in!)

Dinosaur Comics is also pretty helpful this week, via @j_zimms.

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12 comments on “What would Cthulu do?

  1. I will not make a Call of Cthulhu joke.

    I will not make a Call of Cthulhu joke.

    I will not make a Call of Cthulhu joke.

    I will not make a Call of Cthulhu joke.

    …oh, what the hell. I failed my Will save.

    Do I roll 1d100 and take the SAN loss only if I take Cthulhu’s advice, or do I just take the SAN loss no matter what?

    Does Cthulhu eat 1d4 commenters on this blog each round?

    • I am living proof that that Geek Fallacy from a few entries back about needing to love your partner’s loves is indeed a fallacy.

      He would know exactly what you are talking about, and would laugh mightily. Meanwhile, you might as well be speaking a foreign language, because I have no idea what the hell you just said.

    • It’s only 1d100 if you fail the check! Hope you rolled well on POW during chargen.

  2. That HPL column was sweet.

    People who enjoy board games as well as HPL may also “enjoy” the Game of Nemoroth:

  3. At the suggestion of another commenter, I did end up creating a Tumblr where I can basically tell people to DTMFA. It’s here: http://heyshouldwebreakup.tumblr.com/

    It’s not an advice column so much as binding relationship arbitration. That’s all I’m really capable of.

    Sorry to Captain Awkward if this is not allowed, I’m not spamming I swear! I just got the idea here so I wanted to share :)

  4. Cthulhu humour? Really? Is that still a thing?

  5. What part of hasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhastur don’t you understand?

  6. http://rdouglasjohnson.blogspot.co.uk/2007/04/gnulu-fhtagn.html
    For all* you Flanders and Swann / Lovecraft crossover geeks.



      (I had the Gnu Song come up on my ipod on the way to work yesterday. Pretty sure my fellow commuters thought I was a goon. Don’t care.)

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