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Archive | April 2012

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#237: How do I use my words without being passive-aggressive or a nag?

Dear Captain, I understand conceptually “use your words” but I find I have trouble doing that in my relationship without nagging. My spouse likes to play video games. I’m not a big fan, particularly because I feel trapped when he’s playing for hours and I can’t talk to him and let him know what I’m […]

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#236: My friend constantly critiques my relationship.

Dear Captain Awkward, I have this friend, and he’s pretty great. He’s been with his girlfriend for almost 5 years, and she’s pretty great too. Their relationship seems to work really well for them, at least from my outside perspective. What they have looks really different from what I tend to have with partners (note: […]

#235: Variations on a Theme, or, A Gamer Girl Needs Help

Dear Captain Awkward, I am a gamer girl who is currently obsessed with the game, Gears of War 3. I am geeky but reasonably cute with an average body. I’ve also only dated one guy who turned out to be gay to hide his sexual orientation from his parents. That was years ago and I […]

#234: Reciprocity & Space

Edited to Add: Guys, the first time you comment here (or if you’re using a new identity), WordPress automatically sends it to moderation, which is why we’re not overrun with MRAs and other jerkbags. If you don’t see your comment show up right away, it’s either because I’m busy doing other stuff and not watching […]

#233: Open Marriage With the Sea?

Dear Captain Awkward, A week ago, I met this person my age at a sailors’ swap-meet. He was selling a marine toilet, and I happened to need one. I bought it, and we talked a bit about our respective boats, then went our separate ways. But yesterday, a letter turned up. He must have pulled […]

#232: Going through a rough patch and taking it out on your partner.

I’m waiting for a Quicktime Render from Hell to finish. Here’s a question. Dear Captain Awkward, I’m in a messy and unhappy situation, which isn’t really what I’m writing about. The awkward kind of comes in with how I’m handling it. A member of my boyfriend’s immediate family has a terminal illness and in addition, […]

#231: How do I learn how to say the right thing at the right time to people I’m interested in?

Ahoy, cap’n! So, I’m a fairly attractive and well-socialized guy with a self-esteem problem that makes it difficult for me to assert even that I’m fairly attractive and well-socialized. For the most part I keep that under control, but romantic situations are challenging. Being fairly attractive and well-socialized, I don’t have much trouble meeting women. […]

What would Cthulu do?

I’ve got work to do. Let H.P. Lovecraft answer all your questions. (Thanks to the CA reader who sent this in!) Dinosaur Comics is also pretty helpful this week, via @j_zimms.

#230: How do I prevent being a rebound?

Tempted to re-use the “Back away from the boombox, Dobbler” photo again. Hey Cap! I recognize that this question will probably make me sound like a terrible person, because I am preparing for a selfish eventuality that may never come. But if it does, I want to be prepared… So, I met a new guy […]

Geek Relationship Fallacies

Commander Logic here. I have been a geek and loved geeks since I began having relationships outside my family, and I have to say that The 5 Geek Social Fallacies rang true to me in that particular self-recognition-wince way. And Holly’s 5 Geek Sexual Fallacies were helpful too! DUDE, SO HELPFUL. But I feel like […]


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