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Rape: Still Awkward, or, Dear Prudence: You Suck

Read the top post in today’s Dear Prudence chat. And then join me in a shiny hatefest. I link to Dear Prudence in my sidebar because her constant slut-shaming (and every other kind of shaming) makes her one of the reasons I do what I do here. She literally never resists the chance to tell […]

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Question #181: “I’m afraid if I end my relationship I’ll lose all of my friends.”

Dear Captain, I’m writing because I’m scared to break up with my boyfriend. Not scared of him, he’s a lovely person and would never hurt me, scared of what would happen to the rest of my life if I did. You see, I’m at university, in my second year, and have been going out with him since a month […]

A Birthday Request

Hello there! It’s been a whole year since I told all of you to just ask people out already as a birthday present to me. This year I’d like to expand the request. If you have a good story about using your words (doesn’t have to be related to the blog or dating; any story about […]

Question #180: How do I stop being a cubicle zombie?

Dear Captain Awkward, I’m currently in a very cushy but very boring job with a strange workflow: I’m either completely slammed or have absolutely nothing to do. As much as I don’t enjoy the work, I’d rather be busy than bored, but I seem to have fallen into a complete malaise and can’t figure out […]

Question #179: “I’m in love with someone who hates himself.”

Hi Captain Awkward!  So I’ve been a reader since the blog started, and now it is my turn to seek your advice.  Background: I have an awesome partner, and we have been together for seven months. We are both 20-year-old college students. He is kind to me, and we are best friends as well as […]

Rewriting Sex Scenes

You guys, Holly is being totally brilliant again. As with the consent culture post, THIS is the world I’m trying to build, where we all use our words and we all get to want things and ask for what we want.

Question #178: “I want someone to kiss and be kissed by.”

Hello Stranger. So, nearly three years ago, I got dumped. It’s not the first time I’ve been dumped, but it was the only time I’ve been in love. The problem is that I’m just not coping with it well. I still find myself missing my ex and the conversations we used to have. I still […]

Question #177: Fresh Meat Walking

Dear Captain Awkward, I recently broke up with my partner. It was actually the best breakup I’ve ever had, if such a thing can exist: mutual, honest, open, and with what we hope will be a genuine friendship remaining. I’m still sad and I miss him terribly, but I know that it will be okay. […]

O HAI WINTER (Open Thread)

This post brought to you by Friday Night, and its sponsors: And:

Question #176: The Perpetual Seething Mass of Resentment

We’re going deep into the Jerkbrain today, so let’s start with nice things that I love. First, a safe-for-work, short animated film, Address Is Approximate. It’s so simple and beautiful, and it punched me right in the heart (in a good way). Next, Holly’s post about Consent Culture: A consent culture is one in which […]


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