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Archive | December 2011

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Question 161: “Please fix my life?”

Dear Captain Awkward, Hello! I hope all is well with you and things. I have a long rambling question that is either summed up as “money: how do I get it” or “life: how do I fix it,” so, yeah. Relevant life history: Recovering alcoholic dry drunk unintentionally emotionally abusive father, unintentionally emotionally abuse mother, […]

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Question #160: I can think of no snappy title for this question.

O Captain, My parents recently made a very bad life decision that’s really straining my relationship with them: a week before Christmas, they left their home in Tennessee, quit their jobs, and moved 700 miles to live with and care for my aging grandmother in Florida. There are an awful lot of reasons why this […]

Question #159: Should I date the gentleman d’un certain age who asked me out??

First, links! Dear Sugar knows all about the jerkbrain, calling it “your invisible terrible someone.” Such a good description! I’m reading Jaclyn Friedman’s What You Really, Really Want and will post a review here soon. I finally watched Lena Dunham’s Tiny Furniture (it is streaming on the Netflix, as is the brilliant Meek’s Cutoff if […]

Hey. Don’t kill yourself.

Dear Captain Awkward, I realize that the following is a little out of your purview, and wanted to thank you beforehand for looking at it, even if you don’t respond. I find it very difficult to care about the course that my life takes. I definitely feel emotions like a normal person (I laughed a […]

Question 157: Can I make my dad and my sister stop yelling at each other?

Dear Captain Awkward, I wrote to you a while ago because I wanted to move and felt like my boyfriend, who I was then living with, was holding me back. Well, the good news is I moved. I’m living with my parents now and I’ll start a education here in January. My boyfriend and I […]

Christmas songs for the dysfunctional

SNL Dysfunctional Family Christmas Thanks, Intern Paul, for reminding me of this gem. I think my favorite is “Carol of Intimacy.” Happy Christmas to all who celebrate! I’ll be spending the holiday with friends and The Doctor. I’m promised a gay men’s choir somewhere in there.

Question 156: Maintaining boundaries when you have to ask for help.

Dear Captain Awkward, Background: I’m losing my home to gentrification. I’m disabled and receive rent assistance from the housing authority. After what I’d planned as a fun day out (I’ve been severely agoraphobic lately and trying to force myself to get out more) became an unpleasant evening waiting for buses in the cold, damp, dark, […]

Question #155: “So, when are you going to finish that dissertation?” and other deeply personal questions.

Dear Captain Awkward, As a fellow academic/nerd, I hope you can help me out with this one. My relationship with my in-laws has never been very good, partly because my husband’s relationship with them isn’t either. They really would have preferred it if he’d married someone with an MBA, but instead they got a historian. […]

Surviving Holiday Visits

It’s Chrismukkah (insert your “We’re halfway out of the dark” holiday of choice here), the time of year where some of us take a few days off, eat and drink things with people we love, light sparkly lights, maybe exchange gifts. If this is a relaxing, special time of year for you that you love, […]

Question #154: I have extreme anxiety about being touched and hugged. How do I survive an upcoming funeral?

Dear Captain Awkward, I have some pretty intense reactions to being physically touched. Basically, I can’t stand being physically touched by most people – and I especially don’t like being hugged. It makes me feel trapped and physically sick. I’ve learnt to deal with it on occasions where it would be awkward or rude not […]


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