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Question #127: “I had a drunken threesome with my roommates, and now it’s all weird.”

Dear Captain Awkward,  I moved into my university apartment with some people about a month and a half ago. Last night, I went drinking with a couple of the guys, and we got drunk. I ended up in bed with both of them, but I was too dry and they left. Then, because I was […]

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Short(er) Answer Monday

Here are two questions that are both kind of about confidence. Question #125: How do I regain my confidence? Dear Captain Awkward I’m a 25 year old who is at university for the first time in her life after making not the best choices as a teenager. I have been there for 2 and a […]

Question #124: Can I turn back the clock with Super-Intense Guy?

O Captain! My Captain! Our fearful trip is not at all done. I’ve moved quite recently to a city I quite like.  I have a lot of casual pals but few close, trustworthy friends.  I’ve just started a new job, and am trying to balance my time between this job, a long-term creative project, taking […]

Question #123: Quitting your job the classy way.

Dear Captain Awkward,  Quick background: I just graduated this June and moved to a new city in August to be with my lovely, lovely boyfriend. We’re not living together yet (but we’re discussing it and both of us want to move in together soon), but I am staying with an aunt and uncle who live […]

Question #122: Should I move away from my abusive family?

Hi Captain Awkward, I am a 21-year-old college student about to begin my last year of school. My family is a bit nuts. My 22-year-old brother, diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder at an early age, receives money from the government monthly and has never worked. My dad is in his 60s and also receives […]

Reader question #121: How do I convince my partner that his daughter needs therapy?

Dear Captain Awkward,  This is our family: My partner, divorced & single dad for 7 years. His daughter, 9 years old, who sees her mother only on the weekends. My son, 7 years old, whose father lives on the other side of the planet (we’re fine with that!). Then there’s our baby, two months old.  Well, […]

Public service announcement re: closing your bank account

I’ve been Tweeting about this all morning, but I thought I’d make a slightly longer post. Listen:  If you’re in the US and  you’d like to close your bank account at one of the big banks in protest  in favor of opening an account at a smaller bank or credit union, follow the list of recommended […]

Reader question #120: Should I text that girl who (probably) blew me off?

Dear Captain Awkward– I’ve been doing pretty well in the online dating world.  Guys initiate things with me, I initiate things with girls (apparently that’s how bisexuality plays out on OkCupid!  Gender stereotypes!  I have them!) and I’ve been on several good dates.  But it’s my first OkCupid date that sticks with me.  An artist […]

See, Penelope Trunk is awesome at helping you write resumes.

Even though I sometimes have issues with Penelope Trunk, like when she basically tells young women to become Betty Draper except with an MBA, she often says amazing, true stuff.  I also love her willingness to be vulnerable and brutally honest about things like mental illness. I think the stories you tell about your life […]

Dating While Feminist II: How do I ask out the feminist women at the feminist events where I’m feministing it up?(Question #119)

Hello there!  Michigan was awesome.  I’m just getting back to email now, so I apologize to anyone who spent all weekend in the moderation queue wondering “What did I say?” So, I swear I’m not turning this into a PUA site for people who want to date feminists, but this question came in right on […]


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