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Guest post! “I would like to be GGG for my new chap, but we’re taking it reallllllllllly slow.” (Question #105)

I’m still posting at Feministe this week, most recently about how The Interrupters allowed me to finally process and write about some of the violent incidents I witnessed in my old neighborhood.  The filmmaker is a personal hero of mine, so when he stopped by to comment I had a little geek-out involving many exclamation points. […]

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Reader question #104: His wife died. Does that mean I have to be his constant comforter?

Dear Captain Awkward, I’ve come across a situation that has really stymied me and I wonder if you can help.  I had a friend many years ago who was sweet as pie but who could sometimes be a little needy and suffocating.  I think he had a pretty serious crush on me, but nothing ever […]

Reader question #103: I have forbidden internet knowledge about my boyfriend’s past and what I think are his “real” feelings.

Hi Captain, I’m a ygm (young gay male) from Melbourne Australia. I have an issue which I would love to have your opinion. It regards my boyfriend but I pray you won’t post it on Twitter as my bf is on it and might see that and get angry. I have been with my special […]

Reader question #102: Can I ask my horrible mean houseguest to GTFO already?”

Today’s letter kinda sorta lets me jump in on Dan Savage’s DTMFA-a-thon. Dear Captain Awkward, I am having a real problem with a house guest staying at my house. She and her husband have been friends with my husband Aaron long before I met him. Both decided to move to New York and sold the […]

Guest post: “My attractive married friend is unloading on me about the state of her troubled marriage. Maybe I will sleep with her?” (Question #101)

I’ve got a post up at Feministe today about movie casting and stereotypes.  In retrospect I should have called it “Stop boring the shit out of me, Hollywood.” Major Mishap is here once again to answer today’s question and take this letter writer to post-divorce friendship school, aka, don’t fuck that lady! Dear Captain Awkward: […]

Guest post: The Case of the Mocked Meows (Reader question #100)

My good friend Major Mishap kindly took on this question about a loud cat and the neighbors who mock it.  I am mostly excited to have an excuse to spam you all with photos of my cat, who I think you’ll agree, is the world’s cutest animal. Dear Captain Awkward, I guess I’m apparently the […]

Guest post! How do I stop letting my terrible self-esteem sabotage my relationships? (Reader question #99)

Dear Captain, My question is two-pronged: I have serious self-esteem issues, in particular concerning my looks. I just don’t think I’m very pretty. My hair is frizzy and awkward and takes a considerable amount of styling to look even remotely presentable, my skin is greasy and tired-looking, I had a tooth smashed when I was […]

Reader question #98 + Guest-blogging at Feministe + Admin

Hello, Awkwardeers, I’m guest-blogging at Feministe this week and next.  I’ll still post questions here as time allows, but today’s question, How do I define feminism for myself and my future kids?, is over there. My inbox is bursting with questions right now, and some of them are really, really, really long and include all […]

Saturday Links

Are you watching Awkward Black Girl?   (via Feministing) Should you break up?  A handy flowchart.  The linked article references this Cary Tennis column, which is full of “YEESH.” Speaking of YEESH, The A(n)nals of Online Dating is there for you when you get disgusting dating site messages. I’m sure your wedding photos are fantastic, but […]

Reader question #97: Bizarre Love Polygon

Dear Captain, My question is about boundaries and rights, I think. Or maybe it’s about anger.  The problem is Basil. That isn’t his name. The other problem is Maddy. Also not her name. Basil and I have been friends since college, and have held mutual attraction for each other for some time. About four years […]


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