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Archive | July 2011

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Question #82: The violent roommate

Dear Captain Awkward,  I recently moved in with two of my good friends from college. Two of us are attending the same graduate program in the fall, and the other is graduating next spring. The two guys I moved in with have been living together for the past three years, and since moving in several […]

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Reader question #81: Defusing a racist relative

Hi Captain, please help! I am a white woman in my mid-twenties. My husband is a black man in his late twenties. The interracial thing is almost always fine and awesome for us, we both have pretty excellent family members and friends but there is one problem. That problem is my (white, of course) auntie.

Reader question #80: The problem of the enthusiastic (but disabled) volunteer.

Dear Captain Awkward: The background: I work for Hulk Associates, a charity that does Stuff for Green People. In a couple of weeks I have to take a box of our literature and a banner and some free pens and maybe some sign-up sheets to an event that’s being organised a couple of hundred miles away. And for […]

Reader question #79: I want to eat lunch by myself.

I’m going to try to get through this week with no questions about inappropriate touching.  Ready, set, go. Dear Captain Awkward, All in all, it’s pretty simple: I really prefer to eat by myself at lunch. I love to read and write while I eat and not have to worry about making conversation. A little bit […]

Reader question #78: Honor students can also be inappropriate assholes.

Darling Captain Awkward, Most of your writers are adults. They deal with adult men. I, a female in high school, come to you with a even worse malignancy… teenage boys. Oh, but you say: teenage boys? They’re perfectly harmless except for the stray sexual innuendo or the occasional Death Ray Pimple. But I’m also a scientist […]

Public Service Thursday! Birth Control: Let me explain it to you.

This article (yes, it’s old) in the Washington City Paper about men who don’t understand how birth control works made me laugh.  And then feel sad.  How can people not understand how birth control works? Ok, listen.  I’ll try to keep it really simple. Barrier methods like condoms, the cervical cap, and the diaphragm physically block […]

Question #77: Vacation Damnation

Hello, Captain! My last question asked about friendship jealousy. Since your answer, things have been massively improved, but I am facing an upcoming trial by fire; my friendship group, including the new girl who was provoking a lot of jealousy, all going on holiday together. I already plan to never talk to this girl again […]

Moving Day

Hello! Today (in like 4 hours, eek!) my stuff comes to live with me. I’ll resume posting once I’ve caught up on sleep and work and unpacked a bit. Also, Commander Logic says I can borrow A Dance With Dragons if I’m good and finish my freelance assignment, soooooo….yeah. Enjoy those archives. Blanket Statement Monday […]

Variations on a theme: How can I get my “friends” to stop touching me? (Question #76)

This came into the Captain Awkward mailbox last night.  It seems like we’re all in the mood to Hulk out and get people to stop touching other people, so have at it, commenters. Dear Captain Awkward, I have a recurring problem when it comes to friends. It’s been a problem from the very beginning, as […]

Reader question #75: Guest post! My “friend” is making me very uncomfortable with his touching and sexual comments.

Dear Captain Awkward, This one might be a little long, and I am frankly afraid there might not be any good solution for it. My senior year in college, I shared a house with wonderful friends and an additional guy, A., who most of us didn’t know, but he was a friend of one of […]


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