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Archive | June 2011

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Reader question #68: Mama Bear vs. Wimpy Kid

Hello, lovely commenters!  I have a lot of actual (paid!) work to do, so I’m turning this question over to you since as a bunch you all seem GREAT at standing up for yourselves. Like the questioner, I had to learn to have boundaries from scratch as an adult and I was afraid for a […]

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Reader question #67: My wonderful boyfriend has horrible hygiene and a disgusting house. How do I talk to him about it?

Dear Captain Awkward, My boyfriend (late 30s) and I (early 30s) have been dating for about 2 years and pretty much everything is great. He’s kind, generous, supportive, and smart; he understands “privilege” and “the kyriarchy”; we have similar goals in life; and the sex is awesome. We’re talking about getting married and having kids. […]

Reader question #66: How do I tell my parents I’ve been laid off?

Captain Awkward! My question is sadly not about fun sexy things or friendships but about my parents! Sort of. It’s: How do I tell my parents I got laid off? The story is this. Today, my company “reorganized” and lopped off a bunch of positions, including mine. This was my first job out of college. […]

Reader question # 65: How do I ask out a friend of a friend who lives in another city?

Dear Captain Awkward, I’ve got a thing for this guy who I met through a mutual friend. He lives in another city so I don’t see him all that often [it’s close enough that a lot of people date (and non-romantically commute) between the two cities, but far enough that casual hanging out with friends can […]

Reader question #64: I have a hard time understanding accents.

Dear Captain Awkward, I’ve had a problem for a while that has always been an issue with me, but is now beginning to affect my work and professional standing: I have a hard time understanding people strong foreign accents, and I don’t know how to address the issue without making it super awkward. So here I am! […]

Question #63: I feel like my best friend is cheating on me with a new friend.

Dear Captain, So, I have a best friend, who is very awesome and very important to me. But as of about a month ago, I can’t help feeling like my best friend is cheating on me. Someone new joined our friendship group. She is nice and fun to do things with on occasion, but I […]

Question #62: Game of Thrones and Tits

Dear Captain, Though I do not consider myself a prude, I sometimes have to question the validity of how sensitive I become when exposed to certain materials, which is why I am writing you. I have a wonderful partner who is sweet and kind and makes me feel all kinds of wonderful when we are […]

Reading this Wednesday, 6/22

For those of you who live in Chicago and enjoy storytelling, I’ll be reading at an event called Women on Fire,  “an evening of true tales of women on the verge of freedom, destruction, and salvation,”  featuring stories by Kelly Anchors, Caryn Berman, Joan Lipschutz, Dana Norris (founder and host of Story Club), Anne Purkey, […]

Reader question #61: My long distance girlfriend avoids me whenever I make it to town for a visit. Should I take this personally?

Dear Captain Awkward, I started dating a woman late last year, but shortly afterward economic circumstances forced me to move to a town a couple hours away. We’ve been doing the long distance thing ever since, and it’s been going quite splendidly, actually. She tells me that she loves me and misses me and all […]

Reader question #60: My friend’s child is acting like a @#$%!, do I say something?

Dear Captain Awkward, I’ve been growing apart from a close friend of mine for several months, as some changes in my life made it clear to me how little we have in common. Although my friend and I are very different, we’d bonded when our sons were babies. For the past four or so years, […]


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