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Archive | May 2011

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Reader question #54: Dating while feminist.

Hey there Captain Awkward!  I found your blog a couple months ago and have been reading it religiously ever since!  Thanks for all the great advice! I’m a fellow feminist blogger, writing on my blog mendaredo.com, and I have a question for you on dating that I was pondering a bit on my blog.  I’m a self-identified […]

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The One Semester of Spanish Love Song

Walking around the new neighborhood yesterday, I realized two things:  1) I know more Spanish than I think I do, but 2) maybe it’s time to invest in that second semester.

Who does Captain Awkward turn to for advice?

The Sexy Gay Jesus, naturally. Thanks for the great answer and the great music, L.!  What I took away from this video is that I should behave more like the breaking-up-guy and less like the breaking-up-girl. Done and done.  The good news is I’ve already found a new place and am well-stocked with The Compleat […]

Rich is back!

And he’s still a dipshit. When last we saw our hero, he was comparing confident women who are hard to control  to “dirty snow.”  On the subject of rejecting strangers who want your number in bars, he says this: The best way for a girl to avoid that awkward first date is to not give […]

Would you like to meet/stalk Captain Awkward?

Because I’ll be reading at Story Club on June 2.

Reader question #53: Important Work Party Anxiety

Dear Captain Awkward, This weekend I’m attending a housewarming party for which I’m incredibly anxious. Some background: I am a first year graduate student in a phd program, and I am going to a housewarming party hosted by one of my professors and her new husband. I’ve always been shy, have some confidence/insecurity issues, and […]

Get it while you can.

Anyone got big plans for the weekend?  This Craigslister does. (h/t to SexyTypewriter) Is it wrong to make fun of The Rapture?  Because if The Rapture comes on schedule, I’m pretty sure I’ll need my sense of humor to get through the resulting reign of blood and fire. My other Girl Scout skills are rusty, […]

Reader question #52: More Art of No

Hi Captain Awkward, Thanks for writing awesome advice. Your blog has become a primary go-to for assessing awkward human interactions! I’ve been trying to sort out how to handle an online dating situation. I went on a date with a guy a little over a week ago, and while he seemed nice enough at first, […]

Reader question #51: I’m insecure about my girlfriend’s feelings for me.

Hello Captain! I have been reading your blog and loving your smart, thoughtful advice.  I was wondering if you could give me some help with my problem. This may be a bit of a ‘my diamond shoes pinch’ problem but I’d appreciate your advice because I’m tying myself up in knots.  I am in a […]

Reader question #50: I’m a 27-year-old virgin and I’m mostly okay with that but sometimes I feel like a loser.

First things first.  Roseanne is totally badass and has just gone to the top of the Famous People I Would Like To Have A Drink With list. (h/t Tiger Beatdown) Second,here is  a reader question and corresponding guest-post from Commander Logic on the subject of losing your virginity after most people around you have lost […]


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