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Reader Question #42: I must chill. How do I chill?

Dear Captain Awkward, First I would like to say hello! And also, thank for you being so awesome and wise. And special thanks to Feministe for introducing me to your site a few weeks ago. This morning I was writing an email to a friend about some dating angst I’m having and I found myself wondering “What […]

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Reader question #41: I’m sorry I keep touching that lady.

I am a straight married man who plays on a coed softball team.  There is a woman on the team who is very nice and friendly and we stand around talking often.  Unfortunately I have a habit, especially when the conversation gets a bit animated, of reaching out and touching people on the arm or […]

Feedburner is fixed!

At least I think it is.  Whatever was broken last night does not look broken anymore.  Go ahead!  Live dangerously!  Subscribe in a reader!

Feedburner is broken?

A lovely reader alerted me that “Subscribe in a reader” function  is broken, and I can see that it is broken, but I don’t know WHY it is broken or how to fix. Any smart nerds want to help me out?  Is it affecting those of you who already read it via RSS, or just […]

Reader Question #40: How do I ask my boyfriend to take better care of me?

Hi Captain Awkward; I have a boyfriend.  We’ve been together for 7 years (next month, anyway – so 6 years and 11 months). In those 7 years, obviously, things have happened. His dad died, right after I met him (and man – I felt like Typhoid Mary, for a bit!); my dad developed diabetes and […]

Reader question #39: My girlfriend is moving away to go to school and be with her other boyfriend(s). Should I wait?

Good day Cap-i-tan! I come to you now with the story if my current relationship, which is very very….. very awkward. Bit of information to note. She was 19, is now 20, I am 24. We met through friends, and first started out to be roommates cause mine was leaving me in a month and […]

Happy Easter, Passover, and Return of Doctor Who.

Which spring holiday(s) do you celebrate?

Question #38: Guest Post! How do I tell my conservative dad that my fiance is about to become my fiancee?

Dear Captain Awkward: I’m not in an awkward situation yet, but I probably will be soon, and I want to be prepared for the awkward. My current fiance is probably going to be starting to transition into being my fiancee pretty soon. This is not a problem for me. However, I think it will be […]

Blanket Statement Monday: You don’t have to be friends with your ex.

The commenters in this thread are just killing it with wise advice.  I think I got caught up in the “how do you communicate in a situation that is already happening where you’re in the same room (not text messages)” side of the problem, but sort of missed the “Oh yeah, you don’t ever have […]

What Captain Awkward is Reading, Watching, Eating, Listening To, and Over The Moon About

Reading: Feminism makes boners sad!  We know this because of rats. A hilarious debunking of terrible evo-psych pseudoscience, via Feministe. How Not To Make A Short Film by Roberta Munroe, in which she begs you not to make breakup films full of poetry and walking and smoking or have boring casts of all white people […]


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