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Archive | March 2011

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Saying “No” At Work

There were a few requests in the “no” threads this week to write about saying no at work.  I want to write about saying “no” to sexual/romantic interest from people you work with (and who you will have to interact with again, so you might need a more nuanced approach than you do with subway […]

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Reader question #31: Today on Entitled Asshole Theater: Professor Crybaby

Dear Captain Awkward, I am a Theater Geek.  I recently got a short term, temporary job teaching Theater to budding Theater Geeks at a university.  My contract is for one semester; I’ll be done here in May. It’s the tradition at this university to have a party after the closing performance of each production.  Cast, […]

Reader question #30: New town, old blues, and the case for therapy.

Dear Capt. Awkward, I feel like I’m an inveterate fuck-up. Everything I touch eventually falls apart, and I make decisions rashly and avoid the fallout by never peering too closely at myself. My most recent debacle started when a guy I was sleeping with in another city introduced me to his friends in this new […]

Reader question #29: You smell.

Dear Captain Awkward: I have a part-time job that is, at its core, a retail job.  The gist of it is that our paying customers come in once a week and sit and talk with each other. One of our customers has, there is no way to mince words here, the Worst Body Odor I Have […]

Reader Question #28: New relationship angst!

Dear Captain, I am in what seems to be the early stages of a relationship – four dates in – and I need some advice in how to proceed. The woman I am dating is a very lovely person (I am, by the way, a queer woman), we have a lot in common, and I […]

Reader Question #27: The intern is pregnant and doesn’t want to tell the bosses, which would be cool, except we work with toxic stuff in a chemical research lab.

Normally about this time I’d be posting links to the Shameless Self Promotion Sunday thread, but it looks like that won’t be necessary this week. Welcome Feministe and Manboobz readers!  I am enjoying your fine and well-spelled comments.  I would love to hear more thoughts on how we socialize both men and women to say […]

The art of “no,” continued: Saying no when you’ve already said yes.

A reader responded to yesterday’s post with this story: …I was sitting around at 3am reading blogs when some guy knocked on my window, since mine was the only light on in the street–he’d locked his keys in his car, and wanted to borrow my phone. Then when he couldn’t reach the person he called, […]

The art of “no.”

Over at SexyTypewriter, there is a discussion about the best way to tell someone that you don’t want a second date.  “See you soon” is probably not that way. “I could stop thinking about you” has the advantage of being honest, and the writer describes that awkward end-of-date feeling of “oh god…so many expectations and […]

Reader Question #26: How do I bounce back after being fired?

Oh Captain, My Captain, How do you handle being fired and the aftermath of said sacking? I’m not talking about a blameless “strategic redirection” layoff, where the grounds were purely organizational and budgetary, but a full-blown, “We know you did the best you knew how to do, but this clearly isn’t working out” firing. Nobody […]

Gone to Brainerd

My film, The Wardrobe, is showing this Saturday at Egofest.  If you’re in the Brainerd, MN area, stop by! While I’m gone, may I recommend the works of Captain Awkward favorites SexyTypewriter and I Hate The New York Times. From the latter, a post on the many many recent errors (factual, hegemonic, factual, fallacious, ill-informed […]


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